Partner with an Expert Agency to Drive Your Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads is the most successful ad platform in the world. It can drive the sales and success of brands in many countries around the world. It’s also one of the most complicated platforms to use effectively and efficiently. It has many different facets and nuances that have to be mastered to provide your brand with the best opportunities it offers.

The potential rewards versus the skill it takes to operate causes many brands to make the most sensible choice and outsource their digital ad campaigns to an experienced digital marketing agency.

Providing Complete Digital Marketing Support

The most experienced of these digital marketing agencies provide both experience and technical knowledge to turn the Google Ads platform from a complicated puzzle into a much-appreciated bridge between your brand and your customers.

But being able to provide mastery of an ads platform is just the beginning of a successful partnership with a digital marketing agency.

Digital Marketing is an Interconnected Discipline

Brand managers who have entered into a partnership have quickly learned that the expertise that these agencies supply to the subject of Google’s platform is a small part of the comprehensive range of their services.

These services are designed to be interconnected and provide the complete digital marketing spectrum for a brand.

Putting together an effective digital marketing campaign requires strategists to first define the limits and scope of the campaign before the individual departments enter the picture.

Many Facets to a Successful Campaign

After the strategists define the work to be done, many wheels start to turn. The brand’s existing website is subjected to an SEO audit, and the capabilities and weaknesses of the site are defined. The weaknesses are fixed to be up to performance standards.

Graphic designers design the many ads in the different formats that Google offers. Content writers begin to strengthen the brand’s message on the website and in the ad’s content.

When the client signs off on the ads, they are placed in accordance with the findings of the research that has been performed. These research results form a database concerning the brands, their products, their competitors and the market it operates in. The database is fed input throughout the length of the contract.

The SEO team begins monitoring the progress of the marketing campaign. They make certain adjustments that take advantage of trends and account for changes in buying habits and perceptions of the products.

The partnering digital marketing agency also reports periodically to the client on the progress of the campaign. The client and agency develop a close-knit relationship where information can be exchanged daily, weekly, or monthly, whatever the client is most comfortable with.

Partner with an Experienced Agency

If you want to learn more about the role of Google Ads in the bigger picture of a comprehensive and successful digital marketing strategy, contact Primal in Bangkok. We’re an award-winning agency that can provide the right marketing plan to help increase brand awareness and market share.

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