Why your business needs a digital marketing strategy

By now you will have heard enough about digital marketing to know that it works and that your business needs to take advantage of what it can provide. Some simple stats around digital means of communication in the modern age back this up. Recent reports have shown that four billion people globally now use the internet. When you see that the social media giant Twitter has 336 million monthly active users, and YouTube has 1.8 billion estimated users, it is even clearer why digital marketing is worth investing in.

But is it as easy as simply creating some social media accounts and jumping right in? The simple answer to that question is no it isn’t.

Get a plan 

Before you can engage in any kind of digital marketing activity within your company, you need to create a digital marketing strategy. Here are some key reasons why this is so vital:

  • Focus – when it comes to digital marketing there are lots of different channels to consider, from SEO to video marketing, social media marketing and email marketing. You need to come up with a clear plan on what you will focus on and how it will be done. That will allow you to set and meet defined goals and gain the greatest reward from your efforts. 
  • It helps to measure success – a good digital marketing strategy with good professional team like Washington DC SEO allow you to track your various campaigns and see if they are working as planned. By referring to what you were trying to achieve in your strategy, you can see what needs tweaking, what needs dropping altogether and what is working as planned. Naturally, this is superb for helping you get the best ROI and avoids wasting time on campaigns that aren’t hitting the mark. 
  • Better customer engagement – by creating a digital marketing strategy, you will be able to research which digital channels your customers use the most and which will therefore be most effective in reaching them. Without this type of well-informed strategy to work off, you are simply guessing which is costly and non-productive! To market your service effectively you need to be where your customers are – a good strategy will enable you to achieve that. 
  • Helps with integration – although digital marketing is a discipline within marketing in its own right, it should always be fully integrated into your business’ overall marketing efforts. This extends across all departments not just the marketing staff you may have. A clear digital marketing plan will enable you to inform other parts of your business what is happening. That will allow them to be better integrated across the organization.

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Creating a solid digital marketing strategy is key 

Although it is tempting to get right into the heart of digital marketing with tools like SEO, content marketing and PPC ad campaigns, it really is best at first to draw up an overall plan to work from. That will not only give you a solid foundation to work from, it also allows a big picture view that will set you up to succeed.

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