Top 7 SEO Analysis Tool You Must Use For 2018

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The SEO tools and techniques play a vital role in the success of any site whether it is the end user experience or the search engine ranking. Nowadays, every site is focusing on enhancing the algorithm of the ranking procedures followed by the Google. In the past few years, people are highly drifting towards digitalization and are looking for the better site visibility. Unless and until the best tools are used, one cannot track and monitor the website optimization. Whether it is the SEO consultant or the site owner, they should be highly focused in this.

Before moving ahead, we often think about the role of the SEO tools. Driving organic traffic, high end user experience, enhanced search engine ranking are the three vital points that are looked by most of the SEO companies. They work specifically on these core factors. It is quite difficult to analyze which techniques are used by the Google in order to list out the rankings of the search engine. Site owners on their part take all possible steps and focus on different aspects so that ranking can be enhanced.

List of SEO analysis tool that should be used by SEO consultants

Here are the lists of the tool which acts as the organic search strategy that even helps the SEO experts to focus on different elements of the sites.

  • Google’s Webmaster tools: the main purpose of this tool is the site analysis. This Webmaster tool provides you the fundamentals of the Google search. The two main components of this is the Fetch as Google and PageSpeed Insights. In the former type, one can know the requisites of the Google regarding the particular URL. Consequently, necessary changes and modifications can be made for a far better result in the form of enhanced ranking.
  • SEMrush: it is the elaborative dashboard mainly used for the better keyword research analysis. It provides the reports on the performance of the domains as a whole and even about their specific pages. SEO toolkit is offered by many websites. This toolkit is used to compare the performance of the page, analyse the backlinks with the other sites and many more. This is one of the types of the on page SEO opportunities.
  • Moz Local Listing Score: there is cut throat competition among the site to list their website on number one position in the search engine ranking. With the each passing year, this competition consequently becomes tougher. Local ranking is the very best way to increase the SEO features of the site. With the help of the Moz local listing score, one can crunch the data from around 10 to 15 different sources. One should necessarily focus on the small changes rather than the massive one.
  • Google Analytics: This is the oldest SEO tool which is used. However, don’t be confused rather. This has not yet become obsolete and outdated and is considered as the most powerful tool used by many SEO companies. With this took, it gives you enough power to monitor and track the traffic of the site. Moreover, you also get the feedback about the keyword requirements of most of the users.
  • Rank tracking tools: SEO processes generally include tracking and keyword ranking of the site. When you track your site, you are able to know your existing positions. This is pretty vital as it would help you to make further strategies while knowing your current positions. Such tools include Authority Labs, SE Ranking, AccuRanker, Tiny ranker and many more.
  • Backlink analysis tool: Link building campaign is the essential part of the site optimization. However, this cannot commence without the backlink analysis. In this, you check out various unique links and their domains, quality of the anchor text, inbound links and many more. This process might seem daunting and time taking, isn’t it? There are many tools which makes the backlink analysis quite easier. These are Majestic, Ahrefs, Morningscore, Moz link explore.
  • HubSpot’s Website Grader: since its release in the year 2007, several updated versions of the website grader are available nowadays that help enhancing the search engine optimization opportunities. Apart from the ranking and the traffic drive; performance, speed and security of the website is equally important which obviously should not be ignored.

There are other key metrics as well which are often ignored by the SEO experts. Though there are many tools available, it entirely depends upon the SEO team of experts how they use it. It is really very important for them to know each and every aspect of the tools so that they can avail maximum benefit from it.

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Being an SEO expert, it is your responsibility how you avail the services to the clients. When the end user experience is quite satisfying, it really boosts up your reputation. You need to have a better knowledge about the types of the tools, its functionalities, pros and cons and many more. Being a site owner, it entirely depends upon you how you choose and prefer the services of the experts. Here are few things that are keenly looked by the SEO experts:

  • Keyword research
  • Speed of the webpage
  • Search engine ranking
  • Backlink building
  • Maximum traffic drive
  • Performance of the webpage
  • Site analysis
  • Enhanced visibility of the website
  • Local ranking and many more.

These are the core services provided by the SEO companies. But how they are able to accomplish these tasks quite easily and with optimum quality? It is the different tools which makes the above daunting tasks quite easier for them. If you approach any SEO Expert, you should be particularly sure on your part whether they know about such tools or not. Make sure proper analysis is done so that the core elements can be modified. Maximum attention should be paid on removing unwanted errors that might list you down in the search engine ranking.

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