5 B2B Marketing Trends To Try in 2021

Marketing is dynamic and changes continuously, so marketers in all niches need to keep an eye on evolving trends and tools. If your marketing is outdated, you’ll fall behind the leaders in your industry. Ensuring your website, content, video offerings, and more are cutting-edge is vital to building your brand. 

B2B Marketing

With that in mind, let’s review some of the B2B marketing trends we’re anticipating for 2021. 

1. Advanced Websites

The 21st century is 20% in the books, so there’s no reason to have a lousy website. In one sense, templates and themes make it simpler to create a website, letting you choose designs that reflect your company’s image. 

But their increased popularity means your audience can pick them out easier, which is a sure sign of what you spent on your site. If the website is a critical part of engaging with customers, you need to do better than using templates. 

An original, well-executed website boosts conversion rates and shows your audience that you value them and care about the user experience. 

And remember that a custom-designed site dovetails with our brand better than a cookie-cutter theme or template. 

video content

2. Better Video Content

Video content is becoming more popular, with more businesses embracing it. Due to Youtube, Facebook, and newbies such as TikTok, consumers are used to videos’ regular presence on their news feeds. 

But what does video do for your company? Video lets you provide in-depth demonstrations of your services and products. You also can make product tutorials and also promote upcoming products. 

And remember live streams; they are a critical tool to building a relationship with your audience. When you stream live, the audience can ask questions and click reactions, making an engaging experience. 

customer support

3. More Chatbots

Customer service staff are vital in all business niches. They work daily with upset customers and have to go about it politely. The only hang-up is one rep only can manage one customer at a time. 

That’s why chatbots using artificial intelligence are becoming a critical part of many businesses’ customer service departments. Chatbots can cut your CS team’s workload. Here’s how: 

  • Assist customers with the most common problems. 
  • Offer information about your brand. 
  • Redirect them to a live representative if they need more help. 

4. Email Marketing – Still Going! 

Some may view email marketing as shouting into the distance, hoping someone will reply. Our inboxes are indeed cluttered these days, so much so that some companies send their marketing emails to another inbox. 

But an email marketing report performed by Validity found that marketing by email is still netting results for most businesses. Email marketing still delivers results for selling products and services, despite its ancient Internet roots. 

Instead of dropped email marketing, try to optimize what you’re doing by: 

  • A/B testing your content, subject lines, and delivery times. 
  • Segmenting your lists to make personalized content that speaks to each part of your audience. 

5. Personalized Communications

Personalization is one of the most effective ways to make your business unique, and it increases conversion rates. 

Personalization matters. A recent report by Salesforce.com found that 70% of buyers want to see personalized communication. Customers who think their preferences and unique identities are considered in business communications are more likely to do business with you. 

Bottom Line

Technology is always changing how we market because there are regularly new tools to try. These tools need to be part of your sales arsenal, from innovative websites to chatbots to personalized emails. Ensure you are regularly watching for online marketing innovations, and be ready to give them a try. 

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