7 Most Effective Ways To Get More Email Subscribers


Emails are one of the oldest and most effective ways to interact with probable customers, promote your products/brand, increase sales & get feedback from the relevant audience. Moreover, surveys show that emails are the most commonly checked inboxes by people all around the world. This is why every brand focuses on building an email subscribers list of current customers and relevant audience to easily reach their inboxes and get as many positive responses as possible. The real question here is how to get email subscribers in huge numbers and to provide you with the perfect answer, below are the most successful ways to build your email subscribers list.

Top Tips To Build Email Subscribers List

In order to help you effectively increase the number of email subscribers for your brand, here are the expert tips that you need to follow:

Get Subscriptions First

If your brand is already well-renowned and has a huge customer base, then you can right away start sending promotional emails, newsletters and other offers to the current customers. But if you are a startup business, you need to make sure that proper online marketing is done and an email list is built beforehand to easily stay in touch with the subscribers. Getting subscriptions from probable customers before starting your business helps in easy early sales.

Focus On Your Current Customers

Always remember that retaining current customers is more important than looking for new ones. The reason behind this is that your current customers can easily help in promoting your brand through positive words of mouth and optimistic reviews, thus encouraging others to become your customer too. Therefore, it is always suggested to send regular promotional emails, newsletters and offers to current clients while working on getting new ones too.


Blogs are one of the most effective ways of online business promotion nowadays as people love to get detailed information about products and services before buying them. Moreover, you can easily convince your audience to subscribe to email updates by putting an eye-catchy and persuasive call-to-action (CTA) such as ‘subscribe for the best offers’ or ‘subscribe to get important updates’ etc. But for this, you need to build an amazing blog on which you regularly post highly interesting and great content for current as well as new potential customers.

Generate Lead Magnets

Lead generation is another effective way to promote brands and your blog can help you get leads that add to the email subscribers list. For this, you need to make sure that when you ask the customers to subscribe for email updates, they should feel that subscribing will prove beneficial for them rather than your brand. This can be done by letting them know the benefits of email updates like deals and offers they will be getting.

Make Sharing Easy

Always make sure to create great promotional graphics and newsletters in emails, which can easily convince the customers to share them with their friends & family. For this, you can add CTA’s like ‘share is caring’ or ‘forward these amazing offers to loved-ones’ etc. This helps in convincing the audience to share or forward emails to their known ones and thus, gets you more subscribers easily. Also, add social media sharing buttons below the promotional graphics & newsletters to easily let the audience share & spread the word.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, have billions of active users and you can always create business accounts/pages on these websites to gain potential customers as followers. When the numbers of followers on these social channels increase for your brand, you can always persuade them to subscribe to your emails for best deals, offers and useful new updates. This can help you easily get hundreds and thousands of subscribers to easily endorse your products & services.

Easy & Short Subscription Process

Make sure to keep the subscription process as easy and short as possible for the audience because no one likes to wait or go through long processes. People often tend to leave a website or web page if it takes a long time to load or process and same is the case with email subscriptions. Keep a simple popup dialog box that appears for the reader to input email and then click on the ‘submit’ button.


Emails have always been used as one of the best online marketing tools for businesses and these still work like a charm. If you want to know how to get email subscribers, these top seven tips are the ultimate answers. By following these tips, you can not only easily build a long list of subscribers but also promote your brand’s products & services effectively to the current as well as new customers easily.

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