Transferring to an Online Course: Is It a Good Idea?

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No one expects to run into issues when trying to earn a degree. Unfortunately, the education landscape can be very challenging, especially if studying is not the only thing you’re doing. Over 40% of students are pursuing a degree while working a full-time job; some even have multiple jobs for various reasons. The majority of those students have failed at least one class – and even the entire course.

Today, online education is becoming more popular. Students and professionals can take advantage of the extra flexibility. This means they can work a full-time job and study at the same time. Is transferring to an online course a good idea? That is what we are going to find out in this article.

Same Standards, More Challenges

Before you start thinking that an online course is easier than the equivalent offline program, it is important to remember that degrees from online colleges are accredited and designed to follow the same high standards as their offline counterparts. When you take an online MBA from Concordia University, for instance, you must complete the same number of credit hours and meet the same requirements to earn the degree. This online Christian college is known as one of the best when it comes to upholding its high standards.

Online courses are definitely not easier to complete. There are a few additional challenges you have to face. You have to manage your own time and create a schedule for yourself. More importantly, you need to be able to stick to the schedule in order to succeed.

Extra Flexibility and Added Advantages

Despite being more challenging, however, online education gives you more freedom and flexibility. You have the ability to transfer into an online course and earn your degree in as little as 12 months. You can also complete the degree at your own pace; this means you can choose to take longer if you don’t have the ability to allocate more time for studying.

Time allocation is the key. As long as you can allocate at least an hour every day for studying – and you can stick to this arrangement no matter what – you will have no trouble at all completing the program. You also get the same set of materials, study aids and resources to use, including access to some of the best lecturers in the field.

Considering the Switch

A lot of students are switching to online programs. It is possible to transfer your credits to an online university, as long as they are transferrable. You can also look into the current university’s distance learning programs. Almost every university now caters to online students, so you should have no trouble at all making the transfer.

Is it a good idea? The answer to this question is a YES. As long as you are willing to put in the hard work, you will be able to earn your degree in a timely manner while maintaining a full-time job or running your own business.

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