Is Taxation a Promising Field?


Thanks to advancements in distance learning, we’re seeing more programs and majors being made available to students from across the country. We’re also seeing a huge shift towards online learning in 2016, with students actively choosing to complete their degrees online for various reasons. The extra flexibility of online courses makes them more appealing.

Top names such as Northeastern University are also making more subject fields available. This makes choosing a field to get into both easier and trickier for students. If you’re in the process of choosing an online program, courses in taxation such as an online master of science in taxation is known to be very promising for a number of reasons.

Tax Is a Growing Market

There is a huge market for tax-related services already. Millions of people across the country need help with their personal and business taxes. A lot of businesses are obliged to pay taxes on a quarterly basis, which means they will need help with getting their calculations and reports in order every three months.

It is also a growing market. More startups are entering the market as we start 2017. In a few years, these businesses – now enjoying tax breaks and deductions designed to help new businesses thrive – will need experienced tax consultants to help them.

We haven’t even gotten to the tax-related job positions companies are opening to tackle their taxation challenges. Senior tax advisor is a particularly lucrative position to pursue, thanks to its high median salary and relatively comfortable working environment.

Flexible Selection of Programs

The best programs require you to meet certain standards in order to enroll and graduate. The online MST degree from Northeastern University, for example, require students to follow a strict set of standards along the course. In return, however, you will get an AACSB and regionally accredited master’s degree in taxation.

The courses are also very flexible by nature. Allocate more time for studying and you can actually complete the program in around 24 months. You can speed things up and pick up the pace by taking more classes along the way. Of course, this means studying more and taking on more load per semester.

You can focus on a particular type of taxation and be an expert in the field. You can choose from one of two tracks: Taxation of Entities or Taxation of Individuals. It is possible to take the course while working a full-time job as an accountant or maintaining other jobs.

Beyond Taxes

There is one other thing that will get you interested in a career as a tax specialist or consultant: wider career options. Those who started their career as a tax consultant or specialist often end up in mid- to top-level management jobs.

Tax consultants are trained to be analytical and must have good management skills. All of these skills are taught as part of the course you take to get a degree in taxation. The same skills are the ones companies look for when sifting through candidates for strategic positions. What appears as a career in taxation can be the first step towards your dream future.

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