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Are you an active person who loves sport? For millions of people, sporting activities are simply a way to enjoy themselves and stay in shape. However, a keen interest in sport has the potential to lead to a rewarding and enjoyable career. Below are some sports-related careers that many people who love sport can pursue.

Sports Administrator

Sport is a multi-billion dollar industry and this means there are plenty of opportunities to make a successful career out of-an activity you love. Many sporting bodies and businesses are continually looking for high caliber sports administrators who can lead and manage their organizations.

However, you can’t simply walk into a senior role like this. Anyone interested in this type of sports leadership role needs to complete a relevant course like this South Dakota sport management degree.

This type of program will improve your understanding of the sports industry and will also allow you to develop the business and management skills required to lead most sporting organizations in a professional manner.

Sports Media

If you have an in-depth knowledge of a particular sport, there are countless opportunities to work in the media as a sports journalist, sports photographer, sports blogger or professional commentator. You could work for a local or national publication, radio station or TV station or decide to work as a freelancer. Either way, this career path will allow you to be involved in a sport you care about, which means it won’t seem like work at all.

Personal Trainer

More people than ever are taking care of their health by getting fit. However, it’s difficult to find the motivation to exercise on your own, so you may need a little help and inspiration from someone who will put you through your paces. If you decide to become a personal trainer you have the option to work for someone else or work for yourself and have your own personal fitness studio.


If you have participated in a sport at any level, you’ve more than likely injured yourself at one time or another. Pulled muscles, broken bones and dislocations are just some of the injuries professional and amateur athletes have to endure and these injuries happen to thousands of people across the nation every week. This means there’s a huge demand for physiotherapists who can help these unfortunate athletes get back to full health as quickly and as safely as possible.

Sports Psychologist

Today, professional sport is as much about the mind as it is about the body. A wide range of individual sports and team sports require a huge amount of concentration and other mental abilities that are not always present in an athlete or sportsperson when they are starting their sporting career.

To increase an athlete or sports person’s mental strength, sports psychologists are employed. As a result, athletes are able to make better decisions, don’t give up as easily and are mentally prepared for all of the challenges that face them in their sporting activity.

Everyone wants to work in a job that they enjoy. If you enjoy sporting activities, you can do this by working in one the positions listed here.

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