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Instagram is undoubtedly a hot favorite social network, which is quite evident from the 575 likes every second and also, 5 million pictures that are uploaded every day. It has certainly become a cool way of sharing pictures directly from your phone. It is definitely, the easiest way sharing your everyday experiences. Every day more and more brands are including Instagram to their own social media repertoire. Are you interested in knowing why? Here are some reasons why.

Role of Instagram in Building Your Brand

As Instagram is among the most frequently visited and used picture sharing networks, it is therefore essential for creating an account. News organizations, celebrities, and teams are making their presence felt on Instagram for building more awareness regarding their brand worldwide simply by sharing alluring pictures often exclusive to Instagram. This is pretty helpful in attracting followers and generating interest in your account. In case you are a company or news organization having brand recognition, get an impressive following is no big deal because followers are already aware of the brand. Going about sharing pictures and including specific hashtags could be a wonderful and effective way to start. Get in touch with reputed sites such as Instamacro for all your Instagram marketing solutions.

Social Media Strategy & Instagram

Instagram is a highly popular social network. All companies should try and include social media efforts. How to understand if my brand should come up with an Instagram page? Here are the tree important questions to ask before developing an Instagram page meant exclusively for your brand. Ask yourself if your brand is pretty well-known.

In case you enjoy a remarkable following on social networks, there are even chances of people following you on Instagram. Have I got captivating content for sharing? Am I having enough resources or manpower for including another social media network? After you are satisfied with the affirmative answers to your questions, you may divert all your efforts and attention toward creating engagement around the Instagram account.

Here are some effective strategies:

  • Use Instagram for populating other social networks: An effective strategy for gaining secondary engagement with pictures you are sharing is cross promoting them on other networks too such as Twitter and Facebook. It is a good idea to sync your Instagram page with other social network pages for effectively notifying your followers that you also have an Instagram account. This would also be helpful in providing much more content for sharing with all your followers.
  • Hashtags are vital: Hashtags are as effective in Instagram as they are on Twitter and work pretty much the same way. They are helpful in exposing you to a wider audience and help to make your brand and pictures more visible. Use hashtags, which are general. They should be terms that users commonly look for.
  • Live events are important: Use pictures from important shows, games and events and preferably behind the scene pictures for attracting more and more people. Your target audience may be interested in what is happening behind the scene. You could post pictures of team members or a new story. That would help to project your brand as unique and genuine.
  • Ask your followers to consider posting pictures with specific tags: That may help in increasing engagement, providing some extra content for some other social networking sites and encouraging users to share links for self-promoting their pictures.
  • Identify the reporting tools: These may help you browse through your own account and analyze what kind of engagement you seem to be getting on the pictures you are sharing. Tools namely Simplymeasured and Nitrogram present great reports.
  • Your online personality should remain intact: You should maintain consistent presence irrespective of the social media networking platform. Your online personality should essentially be the same across all social networking sites. This includes your voice, your logo and also, your emotion should remain the same everywhere. Your logo could be a good profile picture for your Instagram. Your company’s complete title should serve as your username.
  • Highlighting usergenerated content really works: More and more people would be enthusiastic about your Instagram brand if they are given the spotlight. People enjoy being recognized and when you highlight user-generated content, they are sure to discuss that with their friends. They would also be discussing you.

Instagram offers great potential for promoting brands. You could easily come up with your very own visual content for strengthening community relationships.

Author Bio: Robert Charleston is an Instagram marketing expert and an avid blogger. He recommends Instamacro for all your Instagram marketing solutions.

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