How to Become an LPN in Texas

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Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN is a position for nurses in USA and Canada. LPN’s work under the guidance of Registered Nurses or RN and physicians, there main role is to take care of the patients admitted in the hospital and sustain a safe environment for the patients. Unlike Registered Nurses, LPN’s are not allowed to either diagnose or prescribe etc. even though LPN’s also consists of a medial background but are not skilled and experienced like the RN’s. LPN’s do not have a specific list of duties but their sole aim is to aid the vulnerable patients by maintain the hygiene, administering the monitor frequency, checking the blood pressure, feeding the infants etc.

There is a separate LPN Program in Texas which needs to be undertaken by the interested candidates. Only after the completion of the specified programme a candidate will be able to work as LPN is any hospital of Texas. This is the fastest route in workforce as a nurse. For getting the title of a Licensed Practical Nurse, one must do the following:

  • A candidate must get an LPN Degree from a certified school of Texas. This is a 1 year programme which constitutes various courses and hands-on practice.
  • After getting the LPN Degree the candidate is required to apply for licensure with the Texas Board of Nursing.
  • Lastly, the candidate will have to secure a CPR card and pass the NCLEX-PN exam.

It is mandatory to follow the hierarchy if planning to get the title of Licensed Practical Nurse. There are plethora of Licensed Practical Nursing Schools in Texas with an expertise in the teachings of LPN and also assists in getting a licensure to start practicing as an LPN in the hospitals at Texas. Some of the LPN Schools in Texas are:

The state of Taxes has also established a Free LPN Training Programme, which has been specially designed for those who are not able to sustain the cost of the regular programme. For getting a free aid, a candidate needs to apply for the loan forgiveness programme and should be wilful to work in a rural area. After the completion of the programme the candidate will be sent back to the rural community in order to work in the health care centre of that area for a specific amount of time. There different colleges who aid the students either by Scholarships/Grants such as Alvin Community College which bestows Lee Fox Memorial Scholarship and Coastal Bend College which offers Outreach Scholarship. The other colleges providing financial aid are the ones which are Workforce Investment Act or WIA approved such as Central Texas College etc.

There are Colleges which provides a short certificate programme for becoming an LPN; the Texas County Technical College provides a 3 months certificate nursing programme which lays down the important teachings which are essential for a Licensed Practical Nurse.

An LPN after a certain span of time and also after gaining experience can also go for other supervisory positions such as Registered Nurse.

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