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Get Qualified Knee Pain Treatment in Bangkok

Injuring a knee can cause repercussions to your working life as well your personal lifestyle. You may have to adjust the way you accomplish many everyday tasks you used to perform without thinking about them. Just going up and down stairs may be next to impossible when you have a knee injury.

Getting quick and effective knee pain treatment is the fastest way to get your work life and personal lifestyle back to normal.

Knee Injuries Happen at Any Age

There is no telling when you’ll suffer knee pain. These injuries can occur at any age and with any lifestyle. However, there are five leading causes of knee injuries that everyone should be aware of.

In athletes, of course, the most common cause of knee injuries is by actively taking part in sports that require a lot of running, jumping, suddenly changing direction, or any sport that can cause you to fall on your knees.

But a lack of exercise can also be a cause of knee injuries—people who don’t strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee risk damaging it. Excess weight can also be a factor in knee injuries. Carrying around excess weight can put extra strain on knees when climbing or descending stairs or simply walking. Overweight people are also prone to osteoarthritis, which accelerates the breakdown of cartilage in the knee joints.

You can also damage your knees by simply performing everyday activities wrong. Lifting something beyond your weight capabilities can damage your knees, as can twisting or turning while carrying a heavy object.

And you have to take care of a previous knee injury to ensure it doesn’t become reinjured during normal daily activities. Previous injuries can weaken a knee for quite a while after the injury occurred. Assuming a knee injury is fully healed just because it’s stopped hurting is the fastest way to reinjure your knee.

The Knee is a Complex Structure

Everyone has heard sports stories of many different knee injuries that can occur. ACL and MCL injuries, tendon ruptures and torn meniscuses, Jumper’s knee and knee bursitis and fractures lead the list of a litany of possible knee injuries.

The knee is a complex structure that governs our ability to move, jump, change direction and climb. The knee has to perform these activities while bearing all of our weight on two small areas. The fact that there is a kneecap over the knee and we don’t have a corresponding ‘elbow cap’ is because the elbow doesn’t have to deal with the amount of weight the knee does.

Take Care of Your Knees

You need to take care of your knees, particularly right after you’ve suffered a knee injury. Trying to ‘walk off’ or ignore a knee injury is the quickest way to make the injury worse.

If you’re in Bangkok, make an appointment with the Bangkok Physiotherapy Center (BPC). Their physiotherapists can ease your pain using ultrasound, shockwave and laser treatments. Once your pain is eased, they can get you back on the road to recovery using clinical massage, carefully-designed exercises and education.

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