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Choose the Right Lifestyle Hotel in Samui

Planning a vacation to Koh Samui in Thailand can be almost as exciting as when it’s finally to get on the plane and go. It’s your chance to get everything right about your holiday, from the food to the entertainment to the décor of your room. And choosing a hotel on Samui that matches your type of lifestyle goes a long way to ensuring you have a great time while you’re there.

Thailand has many hotels with many styles, prices, and features. It can be a monumental chore to sort through all the hotels in the country once you’ve decided on a price range as your first criteria. There are simply thousands of hotels in every price range. That’s why we’ve cut to the chase and chosen the island of Koh Samui as a good example of our point.

Lifestyle is Not Necessarily an Indicator of Price

What may be a better way to start narrowing down your choice of hotels is to try and get an idea of the type of lifestyle the hotel caters to than its price.

Koh Samui is a beautiful island in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s the second-largest island in Thailand and a popular destination for both backpackers and upscale tourists with natural areas and a lively nightlife scene. It boasts tropical forest-covered hills, waterfalls and kilometers of white-sand beaches.

It also has lots of hotels and accommodations in every price range. But in researching and choosing a hotel to stay at in Samui, you should pay more attention to the guest reviews, photos, amenities and location of your candidate hotels than the nightly rate.

This is because the quality of the hotel in Thailand often isn’t necessarily reflected in its price. So that shouldn’t be your focus. You may care greatly about the quality of the food in the hotel you choose and less about its décor. The activities offered by a hotel may be your deciding factor or even the direction it’s facing on the beach because you want to watch a romantic tropical sunset every night of your stay.

Choose a Hotel that Suits Your Lifestyle

With so many hotels all over the island of Samui, there’s one that suits your lifestyle perfectly and will make your vacation memorable for years to come. And it’s worth it to spend a little bit of time researching the hotels in the area you’ve chosen to find that ‘unicorn’ of a hotel.

It may be the hotel you and your partner choose to return to year after year because it’s like a home away from home that serves the best Thai seafood you’ve ever tasted.

It may serve as the backdrop for your daughter’s wedding or the place you introduce your grandchildren to the joys of snorkeling on tropical reefs.

Finding a hotel that suits your lifestyle is the way to guarantee a successful vacation every time. Visit the KimptonKitalay Samui to see a lifestyle hotel that may be everything you’re looking for.

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