Yes, You Can Use Twitter to Grow Your Business


As a business owner, you’ve likely heard and read a whole lot about getting your company on the many social media channels that are out there, from Facebook to Instagram and everything in between. But can social media, and Twitter, in particular, help you grow your business, or is it all a waste of time and a distraction?

Well, it turns out that you can certainly use Twitter to your advantage to grow your business. Check out the Sun Bingo Twitter page to see just one example of a brand that knows how to use social media effectively, and then continue reading to learn more about how you can use this social media giant to expand your brand.

Post Engaging Content on a Consistent Basis

You need to approach your Twitter account as a way to connect with your audience and provide them with high quality content that they can use and share. If you approach your social media account from this standpoint, rather than merely viewing it as a tool that you can use to market your brand, you’ll find that your interactions are better and that you achieve better engagement from your followers.

The key is to post tweets that aren’t always focused on promoting whatever it is that you sell. Rather than constantly telling people that they need to buy something from you, you can share tips and information that’s relevant to your company and its offerings. For example, if you run a café, you can post tips on how to find the best tasting coffee, or you can post recipes to delicious lattes. Your audience will know that they can come to you for this type of content, and they’ll be willing to retweet your posts because their friends will appreciate the content as well.

Go Beyond Text Links

Rather than merely sticking to using textual tweets, make sure that you incorporate a lot of different types of tweets in order to make your stream more engaging and eye-catching. For example, you can add fun gifs that will make your followers laugh, you can add short videos of your staff hard at work or having fun, and you can also post high quality photos of your products or your workspace.

Link Back to Your Website

If you’re focused on SEO for your website and blog, you’ll also have some really engaging and entertaining, as well as informative, content on those pages as well. If you use your tweets to link to this information on your site and blog, you’ll increase your traffic, further improve your SEO, and potentially increase your conversions as well.

Ultimately, the key is to use the content on your website with the content on your Twitter account to get people to click through and make a purchase. When you’re able to bring everything together in this manner, you’ll have an effective marketing plan that allows your website to support your Twitter account and vice versa.

Post Your Tweets to Facebook

Finally, to expand your reach to potential customers and current followers who aren’t on Twitter, have your Twitter account feed directly into your Facebook account. In this way, every tweet that you post will immediately be posted to Facebook. Once on Facebook, the goal is to interact with your audience there as well and to encourage people to share the content with their friends.

By following the right strategy, you can use your Twitter account to grow your business. You need to focus your efforts with consistent and engaging content that people will want to read and share, and if you can use your social media tactics as part of a larger marketing plan, you’ll achieve great results.

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