What should be the first readings for a child

What should be the first readings for a child
The first readings in a child make more than you can imagine, since reading his will lie in these first impressions. It is imperative to enhance reflective thinking and imagination and, above all, to create this as important as entertainment and not as an obligation habit.

No one should take the first readings that mark in school, but this is an issue that must be worked from home previously, in order to familiarize the child / a reading. Therefore, from we advise on what should be the first readings for a child.

The example

For there to be the first readings of a child, you must be motivated to read and to do this, you need an example to follow.

Even if a child is very small, less than two years old, probably think that a book is a toy, but this should not worry since, observe the drawings and interact with the book that has sounds and textures, you will be closer to the world reader.

In addition, a babbling child also listens. So do not hesitate to read short stories, pausing to look at the images and enjoy.

Readings by age

Depending on the level of maturity of the child shall be the level of reading difficulty. Not be the same a reader to a level of six years a twelve.

From the two years the child goes through a major language development and begins to understand some stories. Therefore, it is important to approach it by reading reading but, always, with significant illustrations.

As the child matures so will the reading, so that their understanding will be further enhanced and will read books with more text and less drawing. However, even 12 years is a good idea readings always come accompanied by illustrations, as children thus better process information.

What themes choose?

The issues that the child wants, just guide him. When the child has mastered reading, about 6 or 7 years, should be free enough to choose those readings that are most entertaining. This way you can associate reading time with leisure time and no obligation or learning.

Orientation guide and never to impose his choice to be yours, and so has the initiative. To be a good first readings should enjoy them.


Do not deny the child a reading because you think that is not suitable if it is within their level of maturity. If a child wants to read about a girl about princesses and dinosaurs, why refuse to do so? The important thing is to enjoy their first readings for the future may enjoy being readers.

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