How to promote children’s reading

How to promote children's reading
The habit of reading is beneficial to everyone: enriches our vocabulary, spelling commit prevents when typing errors, immerses us in a imaginary world … For all this and much more, it is necessary for children / as get used to reading from a young age and understand the importance of this activity.

It should never be a chore, but we try to motivate them to read constantly and it becomes a fun. Likewise, we must lead by example and read us / as also to see that reading is ageless.

First of all, to read properly, we have a good light, as reading in the dark is bad for the eyes and the kids will get tired very quickly.

Also, the indispensable requirement to promote children’s reading will be to find books or stories that interest and motivate children / as. It should be adapted to the age reading of each and find those issues that most fit with them and awaken the desire to read.

It would be desirable to have at home a space for reading, either the desk in the room as the sofa in the dining room, as is a quiet place so that the noise does not disturb or distract children.

We can also establish schedules shared reading between small and us, either daily or weekly. In the case of smaller still have difficulty reading correctly, they help to follow and understand the story. With older children, they can be shared moments silence and soak in the individual reading.

An example is another very important fact that will help your children / as they decide to read. If you are reading to you / as, brothers / older as, etc. They understand that it is a very important activity and not a boring obligation.

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