What does a person dream

What does a person dream
Dreams are more than fictional stories that recreates our mind when we sleep, in fact, dreams are defined as any mental manifestation of images, sounds, thoughts and feelings that are closely linked to reality. So while we often have dreams nonsense, you have to pay that much attention because after all, dreams are part of the contents of our subconscious.

Often dream of a person we have not seen for years or someone who does not know or who we love, the truth is that dreams always have a reason for being. If you want to know what it means sound with a person, carefully read this article unComo.

Dreaming of a person can mean infinite things, and to give the real meaning of this dream is necessary to define what is the bond we have with that someone who appeared in our dreams.

Dreaming of a relative, a stranger, with a work colleague, your ex, your parents, etc., you can have different meanings, but in most cases this is that the person is in your subconscious because it occupies a place in your thoughts, so they have gone years without seeing.

What does a person dream
Dreaming of a person who is a member of your family is not necessarily due to the family, but similar features you can have with that person. Often in dreams you are being represented by someone close, and in most cases if that person is at risk or are happy is a representation of your mood.

Dreaming of a person who is in danger means you are afraid to change something from you or that at some level of your life you’re not being yourself.

If this person is at risk is part of your family, sleep can mean growing fear, death or fear of loneliness, because the danger is one of the greatest representations of the mind to convey through dreams the fear of losing something or someone.

Dreams often send us messages difficult to associate. Therefore often the person who is present in the dream is not what our mind wants to represent, but in the dream as a symbol of a situation.

For example, you can dream about a person you know very little, but that in analyzing discover that the dream was just the fictional representation of a friend or loved one. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the behavior of the person in the dream is not because many who believe.

Dreaming of a person and see discussing means that you are draining a feeling of pain, anger or resentment in you saved. Usually these dreams did not happen with the person involved with that sentiment, but the mind can use any other known to create the image while sleeping. Usually dream of a person who falls us or hurt us bad, mean weight and the importance that has caused us pain.

Dreaming of a person we love is the most common. This means that as your mind is constantly thinking about him or her at bedtime sends a subconscious full of the most dominant thoughts during the day, accompanied by fears and desires that are reflected in a story, usually message It is very positive.

It can also happen that we dream of a person who does not see much sleep and then we find him or her. This means that our mind was unconsciously preparing for this reunion was going to give. It is very common that people dream about going to see, because many times the power of dreams is able to facilitate that meeting.

Dream of sharing love and kisses with someone we do not like can be the revelation of an unknown feeling, however, it can also represent the desire to be loved, the boredom of loneliness and the need for a company. Also dream of a dead person means drastic changes in life or fear of failure.

But these are not the only common images that appear in the dream world, so in unComo.com we invite you to consult some of the most common dreams we usually have. Discover what it means:

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