Top 10 tips to educate your teenagers

Top 10 tips to educate your teenagers
Adolescents are characterized by opposing the rules. What can you do when you happen? The best advice when you have teenagers.

Adolescents are characterized by opposing the rules. What can you do when you happen?

1. Know they can not break the rules. There is a maximum time limit to get home and must comply. If not met, there will be consequences that will not like.

2. Stand firm in the previous tip. If they see that this is not always true, they will make your life hell. You say, you do: you are serious about it. Let them know that you are a leader of speech.

3. Let them do their chores, assist in the cleaning and maintenance of the house: this makes them part of the family and a strong identity, something which feel valued, needed and responsible.

4. Let them know you expect them to bring good grades at school, which is the measure of the effort made.

5. Zero tolerance to drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Not bad check your things from time to time. If you see something, do not throw without having a chat with the face of evidence.

6. Talk to them about sex and contraception. That is the responsible sex. And tell them they can not do about it by your rules.

7. Post rules also brides and grooms. Zero tolerance to settle in the house of your son or daughter, and less sex under your own roof.

8. Driving a car is a privilege, not a right. The privileges are removed before the misbehavior.

9. Of course they can express their opinions without fear of being judged. But they have to be respectful. Zero tolerance for disrespect. To you should be kind and respect. If they do not, they should apologize, if they do not, they are punished.

10. Stand firm, it’s your house, you are the father, they are the children: they know whenever there is a hierarchy: your first, they later. They came later in life.

Knowing that the rules are clear, trust them: tell them “you will know how to behave, juciosos know, do not do crazy things.” If they know that you trust them, they will do their best not to disappoint.

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