The Problem with Solar Leads (And What You Can Do About It)

solar leads

Everyone working in the home solar industry knows that leads are often difficult to find. Solar leads are highly valuable and therefore they don’t just drop out of the sky ready to use. You need to work hard for your solar leads, which is tough when they are difficult to get hold of for the following reasons.

Solar Customers Do Their Homework

People are increasingly clued up about solar and are visiting lots of places online to learn more and to compare services and prices. If you have a great product you can rest assured that when people find information about you on your website, they will be eager to find out more and will schedule a home visit. But what if they don’t get to your site first? What if your site is the tenth down the list and the person has exhausted themselves with the subject of solar so never gets to see your product? Because solar customers are increasingly looking at multiple sources online you have a great opportunity to get your product out there – but so too do your competitors. When you are generating solar leads you can ramp up your website and your SEO efforts to keep within the top ranking spots in the search engines. But this takes time to develop and it can be a difficult strategy to make work.

Solar Leads Take Time

Many people spend hours deciding which companies to call about solar. You can’t expect someone to make an impulse purchase of solar panels after a few minutes online. Therefore you need to spend time nurturing leads and contacts. Which, of course, costs money. If you don’t have the time or money to build up your lead supply you end up being at a disadvantage.

Solar Leads are Competitive

It goes without saying that solar lead generation is a competitive business. People don’t install solar panels every day of the week and the investment they are making in solar is significant. Therefore there are relatively few consumers to relatively many suppliers. This makes lead generation in the solar industry highly competitive. You need an upper hand. You need to stand out and look at things from a different angle.

What can you do about this? It helps to get your product in front of as many prospects as possible by using a lead generation service. You don’t have to spend your time and money building up your website or your online presence – the professionals behind the lead generation service have done this for you. You simply pay for a steady stream of leads to be used as soon as you get hold of them. Online lead generation offers a simple solution to the problem of solar leads. If you are struggling to get the leads you need to grow your business, give online solar lead generation a try and see what your business can do.

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