How to use bi-folding doors to make your kids play area larger

If you are like me and have young children, you will know that every day of the year they want to be playing, whether that is in the garden or around the house. Whilst it is important to let them play, sometimes you do just want to relax and have a bit of ‘chill time’.

Unfortunately, depending on the size of your house, your chill area could well be the same space as the children’s play area, making both play and chill almost impossible at the same time.

During the summer month’s this issue is often eradicated slightly as the garden can be used for your son/daughter to play outside, giving you the opportunity to stay indoors. Well in theory that is the case, but depending on the arrangement of your house, you may have to go outside too to make sure they are safe.

This is where, if your house allows you to do it, you can remove the barriers between internal and external living through a bi-folding door.

A bi-folding door uses a concertina method to retract back, creating a completely free opening where the movement of people, air and heat can easy occur. This scenario allows for people to come and go as they please and could allow for your child to play in the garden freely whilst you relax inside (there is a stipulation here that the weather is warm enough for fully opening of the door, however partial opening can also allow for similar results).

In this situation should they injury themselves, be playing too loudly or upsetting the neighbours you can monitor their play and quickly be at hand should they get into a spot of bother.

Now if you have no problems with them playing indoors and outdoors at the same time, the removal of the doors from the space, getting rid of any barriers, can give them what appears like doubly the space to play. Obviously one would need to be careful, however you could easily use the larger space to play with toy cars, or play other safe games where a larger flat surface is needed, bigger than the individual spaces of the garden patio or the living area.

One of the prime examples where this sort of thing is created, is at hotels in Mediterranean countries, by opening up their bar areas and patio it makes the hotel look and feel massive to young children, providing the ultimate space for them to creatively play with other children of a similar age, whilst the parents sit back and relax by the pool. These leading hotel architects have cleaver found the balance between architecture, product and space to create both award winning designs and practicality for all members of the family.

Should this idea be something you wish to pursue, you should consider speaking to a bi-folding door specialist, who can look at the feasibility of having one installed at you home. There are many other benefits to the door too including an increase in natural lighting into the home, and energy efficient glass helping to save on heating bills, which are ever on the rise.

Making a change like this could help make you even more of a super parent and give your child the perfect environment to learn and play at home.

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