The Effects of Drink Driving On Your Career

The Effects of a DUI on a Career
A driving while under the influence conviction (DUI) can damage or destroy your career in a blink of an eye. It will be on your permanent record indefinitely or up to 10 years. Think about the last time you were applying for a job or in fact applying for college? Most college and job applications, inquire about prior arrests and convictions. Sometimes this is the determination of whether you are given a chance or not.

Impact on Minimum Wage Jobs
If you happen to be working a minimum wage job and do not have a career established, a DUI will also present you some problems. Not just, because it is a minimum wage job, does it mean it will not have an impact. You will be limited on advancing into a better career, because every job application will ask you to disclose previous arrests and convictions. Some jobs have a firing policy that stipulates an employee cannot have a DUI.

Impact on Higher Education
It does not necessarily mean that no employer and no university will give you an opportunity, but it does make everything slightly more difficult. Universities can deny you admission or revoke admission depending on their policies. Universities are known for conducting background checks on prospective students. Furthermore, federal programs will not award financial aid to those with DUI convictions. Degree programs that require you to obtain a license after graduation will likely not allow you to pursue the degree, because you will never qualify for licensure. You become a less desirable prospective student if you will not be able to give back.

Specialized Positions 
Some positions are more sensitive than others and do not take a DUI lightly. Positions that require you to register to be licensed with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences do not allow you to practice with a DUI.

Being a doctor, lawyer, nurse, psychologist, and social worker are out of the picture. Having these positions could result in the state revoking your professional license, even if you have a higher education degree. All of that tuition money and years spent in college can become useless and worthless. Positions that require you to work around adolescents or children or require driving can have a problem as well. Even more, positions within the government or military are almost impossible.

Suspended Driver’s License
Aside from the obvious limitations in job availability, a DUI makes it difficult to keep your career. If you are allowed to keep your career you will be forced to take different steps to continue making it to work. It is likely you will be unable to drive for a period of time if your driver’s license is suspended. This requires you to rely on unreliable public transportation everyday if available or have family and friends drive you to and from work. This can be a problem when you have your driver’s license revoked for a year and can lead to you being fired for being late.

Seeking Professional Help 
The best drink driving lawyers specialize in helping individuals that have been convicted of DUIs. It takes a good attorney or lawyer to help you keep your career by fighting to prevent the conviction being a felony. They can help you figure out what your best options are before you enter a plea. Everyone deserves a second chance and depending on what the DUI outcome is, it can impact your career. However, if you are able to keep your driver’s license and it is not a felony, it is not the end. It is possible to clear your record of a DUI, but every state’s laws are different. A lawyer can help you determine your state’s procedures and requirements. Moving forward you will need to be honest, disclose your driving record, and be prepared to explain the circumstances behind it.

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