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If you’ve decided that enrolling in the online master of science in analytics program at Villanova University is for you, but you’re a little concerned about budgeting, then you’ll be happy to know there are ways to save money. For students in the MSA program online, source material or textbooks are a large part of the program, but unfortunately they can also be pretty expensive. With that said we’ve put together a number of ways you can save money when it comes to your textbooks.

Get Your Book List Early

The books you need to purchase for your various courses can really start to add up. In fact, outside of your tuition, books are likely the next most expensive purchase where school is concerned. In order to take advantage of money saving tips you need to be aware of your book list. You’ll want to get a complete list as soon as possible because others will be doing the same thing. There are a limited number of used books available out there, and you want to be sure you get your hands on them.

Look for Deals

Now that you’ve got your book list you can start to search for the titles at discounted prices. This can be done by looking at local buy and sell groups for past students who may be selling their gently used copies. Used bookstores are another great place to shop in, especially if they are located in a university town/city. These will tend to have more textbooks available.

Your On-Campus Library

Here’s a tip that many aren’t aware of, but did you know that you can actually go to your on-campus library and use the various textbooks? Now keep in mind they can be hard to find because others will be trying to do the same thing. In general, if you want to take out a textbook it’s best to visit on the weekend or weeknights. When you do find your book, instead of checking it out or having to read through the chapter quickly while you sit there, just photocopy the pages you need. Librarians can be a great source of information as to where you can find textbooks cheap.

Bulletin Boards on Campus

The bulletin boards you’ll find scattered around the campus are an excellent source of information and often you can find textbooks for sale. Even if you are attend the online courses, there is no reason why you can’t visit the campus in person to check listings and even ask your professor if they know of any places to get used copies.

Keep Your Receipts

You can continue to save on textbooks by hanging on to the receipts. These can be used during tax season as write-offs.

Let the Savings Add Up

Looking for deals on textbooks is a wonderful way to save money on your school budget. It will turn those otherwise extremely expensive textbooks into a small purchase that you really don’t have to stress about.


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