5 Criteria that a Private School is looking for in a Student


Nearly all private schools require a candidate statement as a part of the application procedure for students who are applying. You can fill out a copy of your application and post it to the school you are applying to, or as is becoming increasingly popular, schools also now offer online applications that you can submit electronically to the school.

1 – Academic and Intellectual Interests

For admission to the older grades, private school admissions committees will of course look at the applicant’s grades, teachers’ comments, and various test scores. These will help show what the academic strengths of a student are, and areas where the student may need some extra assistance. If you’re looking for the best schools in Perth, choose only the best. Teacher recommendations are also very important for the younger students, as well as what students behave during their school visits.

2 – Character, Experience and Maturity

Schools will be looking for students who are going to be positive members of the academic community. Admission committees are looking for students who have an open-mind, are curious and caring. Private schools, in most cases, pride themselves on having a supportive and inclusive community, and look for students who will contribute to making it even better. Boarding schools are especially looking for a significant level of independence or a desire to become more independent, because students are hoped and expected to be responsible for themselves at school. Maturity begins when students can express a desire to improve, grow, and be actively involved at school. This is important for an admission committee to look out for. If your child shows no interest in being at the school, they will show no interest either.

3 – Fits in with the School

Admissions committees are looking for students who are a good fit. They want to accept children who will do their best at the school and who will be able to fit in easily with the school culture. For instance, they will be more likely to accept applicants who know about the school, its mission, its classes, and what it has to offer. They will be definitely less likely to accept a student who knows next to nothing about the school or who displays no interest in the school’s mission.

4 – Supportive and Positive Parents

Most parents are unaware that the parent themselves can actually have an impact on your child’s candidacy at a private school. Many schools like to interview the parents, as they want to get to know them and their interests. If you are lucky enough to be living in W. Australia, Kingsway Christian College in Perth, are leaders at achieving the very best for your child’s future academic requirements. Are they going to be involved in their child’s education, and become a partner with the school? Will they be supportive of their child, and also supportive in terms of administer the expectations of the school? Some schools will deny students who are perfectly qualified to attend, but whose parents are worrisome.

5 – Extracurricular Activities and Interests

Schools will be looking for applicants who should display interest in an activity outside of the school, whether it be sports, music, drama, reading, or others. Parents and students should research what the options to participate in this activity are at the school they are applying to, and they should be ready to talk about this interest at the interview and how the school may be able to further it.


May you children become everything that they can!

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