How to Find Your Dream Career After College


College is regarded by many as being the best days of your life, where you don’t have to worry about having a full-time job on top of your studies. However, that doesn’t mean life stops after college, as you will still be young and full of potential when you graduate. This misconception is held when people think they must go into a job they don’t like to make ends meet and progress in the business world, but this is not the case. In fact, the job market has a large array of jobs for people to go into than ever before, which you can make the most of when you are looking for your dream job. To help squash any worries and prepare you further, you can follow some key tips which will enable you to reach your goals.

Do what you love

The range of businesses and new jobs emerging on the market means that people no longer must settle for doing a job they don’t love. When you are spending most of your day in work, and even some evenings, your mental and physical health can become negatively affected if you are stuck in a position where you’re unhappy. Before you start applying for jobs, you should always remember that doing something you love is a possibility and you can make it work. If you are at the stage where you are unsure of what you would like to do, it’s wise to try out different careers through internships and discover your passion by seeing where you fit into the working world.

Apply for internships

Internships are not just great for helping people figure out their dream job. In fact, they can help you gain a wealth of experience to put on your resume. Having this experience will help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to applying for graduate jobs, which will make it more likely that you will secure the position you want. Most importantly, they equip you with lifelong skills that you need to take into further areas of your life, such as effective communication, leadership skills, and workplace empathy.

Be realistic

You may think that being realistic is the opposite of doing what you love, but this is certainly not the case. With many new jobs available each day, it is more likely you will be able to land one that you love, but you should also follow your passions with caution. For example, it is possible to make it in the world of writing if you have a valued skillset and a flair for creativity, but it is unlikely that it will make you any money in the early stages. It makes it an unreliable source of income, which is even more unattainable if you walk away from college with student fees to pay back. That said, you can still follow your passion if you do it alongside another job. It could be a part-time position or one which is flexible enough to allow you the time to work on your passion. You can use any money you get to fund your passion, where you could consider setting up your own business in the future.

Go to business school

Although there are many career options people choose to follow after college, heading into the world of business is a popular choice. This is especially true for economics and mathematics students, who can apply their skills to financial corporations. The business world is hard to crack into when you leave college with little ideas about how businesses run and what it takes to make a successful one. For many students, electing to go to business school helps immeasurably, as they leave with new skills and a wider network of people to get them one step closer to their dream. Unfortunately, many students are put off by the high fees they won’t be able to afford after college, which is why scholarships to revered institutions such as Honor Society are useful.

Network with businesses

Going to business school will provide you with a great resource for networking, but that isn’t to say you can’t network without it. In fact, many people are finding out how to use social media to contact businesses around the world, where they can attain international positions, work as a remote employee, or take up freelance work. Sites like LinkedIn are particularly popular, but you can even join Facebook groups to hear about nearby networking events and join resourceful groups.

Start early

Some people choose to wait until college is over before they start applying for special schemes and graduate jobs, but this can make it harder to enter the job market after finishing. This is because the deadline for many jobs is in the end stages of your final year so that people are ready to start their jobs when they are fresh out of college. Alongside your studies, you should aim to apply for a few jobs a week while you are in college if you are hoping to leave with one set up for you. If you don’t find a job within this time, you shouldn’t give up, as you can use that time to better yourself by going traveling or fitting more internships into your life.

Create a blog

In the modern day, resumes are still a useful tool for employees to find out who you are, but they can also make use of internet spaces to get a bigger picture. This is why many people elect to start their own blogs while they are still in college, as it makes them look more independent, and helps prospective employers to find out more about you. If you are a budding marketer, writer, and journalist, this is a necessity that will set you apart from everyone else. In many cases, you can include the link to your blog on your resume to make it easier for companies to find you. It should also be noted that you should be careful about what you post on social media which could impact your success in the job market.

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