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Having a career is fundamental these days. It consumes a lot of important hours of people’s lives. There are different reasons why people decide to advance in their career. Some of the most important ones are a bigger salary and of course, a lot more knowledge and skills. In order to be able to advance you need a lot of determination and self-discipline. As advancing in a career is not compulsory, not many people find the power to climb up that ladder these days. Each step of this ladder gives you experience and value to advance.

Each occupation has a different path, but there are common points that work for every field. Planning your next step up the career ladder should be your main interest for a “healthy” work ethic. The following tips will give you an idea of what you need to do next.

Do a Self-Assessment

Start by assessing both your soft and hard skills. Your knowledge and technical skills are part of your hard skills, while the ability to communicate with others, manage your emotions or be politically savvy are your soft skills. This assessment will tell you if you lack training or education in order to move up the ladder. By doing this, you’ll know exactly what you need before investing in additional education. The great news is that even if you lack knowledge, you can further it by following an online course. You can check out St. Bonaventure University Online for more information.

Build Your Network

Nowadays almost everything takes place online, even career advancement. For that matter, you need to build an online network and try to impress the right people will your work. Take the time to build a strong career and find ways of getting your brand noticed. You could simply do that by keeping your resume profile up to date and by making sure you have a professional looking social network. Remember to keep your online presence professional. After all, you want your cover letter to be picked from the pile. Inappropriate pictures or comments are a big no.

Don’t Give Up

Persistence plays such a big role in this case. If you want a promotion in your current job or you want to get a certain job, you need to be persistent. Your future employers will be able to see that you are truly passionate about that job and they might pick you to join their company. Once you set your goals, you need to stick to it. If setting bigger goals tends to be overwhelming for you, setting targets on a regular basis might help. Keep focused and fight for what you want. Nothing comes easy in life, especially not a career. Don’t let others distract you from what you are doing.

Be Someone Who People Want to Hire

Being kind and friendly costs nothing. That is why you need to be genuine and truly passionate about your job. No matter how good of an actor you are, people are always able to tell the difference between genuine and not so genuine workers. In this world, you can never know when an opportunity arises. Be kind to people no matter what. Once you get hired in a company, you need to be tolerant and adapt to new people.

Investing in human capital is a good way of getting a better job with a bigger paycheck. However, motivation, kindness, and gratitude are also essential.

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