How Servcorp, a Premium Office Space Provider in the US, Can Expand Your Business in 2018


Today’s business owners have a number of options for office space if their business expands. For many business owners currently leasing office space, they no longer have to worry about having to move everything from one location to another. A number of serviced office providers can provide business owners, new and old, with various options depending on their business needs.

Servcorp, one of the leading serviced office providers, offers affordable plans for its executive suites, virtual office, and co-working spaces. Servcorp is a premium office space provider in the US with offices in major business districts and prestigious locations around the country. Business owners can, with any one of these plans, expand their business from any location internationally.

Continue reading below to learn more about the many benefits of expanding your business with a premium office space provider.

Flexible Leasing Plans

One of the major reasons that business owners might find a serviced office plan more appropriate for a growing business is because of the flexible leasing options. With a traditional lease, the renter must commit to a term of at least a year, and for a better rate, renters might a get a bargain, but the length of the lease is longer, often form three to five years. With a serviced office, the leases are shorter and can be modified, if necessary.

Let’s say, for example, you sign a lease with Servcorp for a co-working space because you’re self-employed. At some point, you take on partners and you find that you need more space, the leases can be modified and you can move into an executive suite or choose a virtual office solution without any hassle. Furthermore, if you relocate and there is an office in your new city, the lease is transferable. On the other hand, if you were to decide that Servcorp no longer meets your business needs, at the end of the month, you can terminate your lease.

Office Options

An executive suite, virtual office or coworking office space are some of the many options that serviced office providers can offer business owners. An executive suite is a shared office plan where the business is provided with a private office, conference and meeting rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and lobby. In addition to these physical spaces, business owners are provided with an array of amenities including utilities and internet capabilities.

Co-working spaces operate similarly to the executive suite, however, they are a shared space rather a dedicated office environment. Typically, those who are self-employed or work remotely would benefit from this type of plan. Depending on the lease agreement, you might purchase a plan that includes the use of an office or a desk for you to work from.

Finally, a virtual office works best for those who work remotely because it allows the business owner to pay for office space on an as-needed basis. The plan offers the same amenities as the other offerings, except the business owner and his/her employees do not spend as much time in the office. These plans tend to cost less because the business doesn’t spend every day of the month in the office.

With Servcorp, the various packages offer business owners the opportunity to scale up or down, if necessary. If the business needs office space in international locations, business owners have the option of renting facilities in other parts of the country and the world. This works especially well for businesses who are testing markets can expand easily depending on their needs. All Servcorp’s offerings come at affordable prices and are located in prestigious addresses in major cities across the States.

Expand Your Business in 2018

Taking advantage of an office solution in a premium business location puts you at the heart of the business community, allowing you to easily connect and network. Building relationships, reaching out to new customers and having easy access to complementary businesses will allow your business to grow and expand quicker than you ever thought possible.

To help you with this growth, Servcorp’s premium office space can provide you with 5-star facilities in some of the best locations in the country and around the world. Once you and your team are set up at your new location, it’s up to you to see how far you can take your business in 2018 and beyond.

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