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Streaming videos and having full access to internet services feels awesome. A change in geographical location limits you to access some of these sites. However, with the quick DNS service from Getflix, you can hack into these sites and watch movies, listen to music among other activities.

The Getflix DNS service allows you to access the entire blocked site which restricts your access due to your location. The service is from an Australian company which through their servers, they give you the authority to get information from these sites. Through their virtual private network, Getflix allows you to hide your internet protocol address such that those blocked sites can not precisely trace where you are.

Best Smart DNS

What makes it unique?

The technology used is very high which allows you to get connected to any device wherever you are. The fact that the smart DNS service allows you to get connected within a very short period compared to VPN makes the service attractive.

When using your DNS service from Getflix, you do not require any application. To keep you connected, you also have a 24-hour customer support. This means that you can enjoy secure connectivity anytime provided you are on their subscription list.

The service is designed such that it keeps you connected to your favorite entertainment choices. The servers ensure that before you get attached to these sites, you are not prone to security threats. However, the servers do not decrypt any of your information which means that your data is not accessed by any third party.

Getflix DNS servers are very adamant to have a lot of users have authority to these sites. They ensure that you get a guarantee of 14 days trial before you subscribe to their services. This is one advantage you get to enjoy before signing up for their services.

The cost of signing up for their premium services is relatively lower compared to other DNS service providers. Getflix understands the need of their client and cares much about customer satisfaction. They ensure that as a customer you get to enjoy their services at a lower price.

Other benefits that you will enjoy are unlimited access to international entertainment channels, video streaming among others. The DNS service is straightforward and user-friendly giving you quick access to the blocked sites. Among the best DNS services, Getflix has been ranked one of the best secure and speedy services to hack blocked sites. This is according to Getflix reviews from by clients.

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