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How often do you read books, and when was the last time you spent a few hours relaxing with a good book? Are you currently too hooked on tweets, Instagram feeds and Facebook posts? In case you’re among those individuals who are not used to reading on a regular basis, you may be losing out on a wide variety of interesting things. In case you didn’t know, reading books comes with a wealth of benefits. The right book keeps depression at bay; it lifts your spirit and it makes you see life with a fresh pair of eyes.

Research indicates that mental stimulation can ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms since an active brain stays occupied. The more actively you engage in reading, the better chances you have to keep it alert and focused. The human brain is similar to any other muscle inside your body; in order to keep it healthy and strong you have to use it and make sure it is constantly connected. Cognitive stimulation is best achieved through reading because you’re freeing your mind from the trivial and plugging into the fictional.

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Reading books reduces stress

Regardless of the amount of stress you deal with at work and in your personal time, you can always relax by reading a good book. An enticing novel can teleport you into a whole new world; a world where you make the rules, shape the characters and imagine an environment. When you’re reading all your worries seem to vanish miraculously, and after a couple of hours of picturing a perfect world your daily issues won’t seem that impossible to fix anymore.

Enhanced awareness

Whatever you read floods your mind with pieces of facts and information, and you can’t predict when the data accumulated might be of assistance. The more general knowledge you accumulate on a subject, the better chances you have to tackle unexpected challenges.

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Believe it or not, reading can save your life. A lot of people deal with unprecedented life struggles. Some have lost their jobs, their homes and their loved ones; but somehow they’ve found a way to get back on track through motivational reading. Self-help books can teach you that there’s more to life than money and material things. You can have whatever you want as long as you are determined, perseverant and committed.

Improved vocabulary

Reading makes you smarter! It enriches your vocabulary, thus making you seem savvy and experienced in front of your friends, colleagues, and employers. An articulate, well-spoke individual can attain great success. An enriched vocabulary boosts self-esteem; it makes you confident and assured that you can do whatever you want as long as you act on a thought. The most successful people are also the smartest. They take their inspiration from books and they apply the advice to their own lifestyles.

Memory improvement

Reading helps you become more visually active. The more you read the better chances you have to remember the writing style, the words, the expressions and especially the message conveyed. You’d be surprised of how much you can memorize when reading. However, for the information to get stuck to your brain it has to be interesting; something that appeals to your senses and make you go ‘Wow!”.

Better analytical thinking

Did it ever happen to you to read a book and solve the mystery before the story ended? If so, you’ve developed great analytics and critical thinking abilities which helped you figure out a solution based on available details. The exact same ability can be put to use in real life. However, it can only be attained through many hours of stimulating your brain – through reading.

In an attempt to run away from daily problems and concerns, many people turn to reading. Books don’t just immerse you into a whole new world; they also allow you to build your own. Get lost into the dreamy writing of Buddha – to regain your inner balance – or put your imagination to work with Game of Thrones. Whatever genre you choose, make sure to remember that purpose of reading is to lift your spirit. Life is beautiful, although sometimes we needed to be reminded of that on a constant basis.

By Alfred Stallion and LoveReading.co.uk!

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