Email Writing Skills Training Goes Beyond Etiquette

Online etiquette is a popular topic among business writers today. Experts ask whether it’s better to sign off with “All the best” or “Sincerely,” and debate whether or not “Dear” is appropriate in a business context. You improve your credibility when you understand etiquette, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to effective email writing and management. Business writing workshops train participants to decide when electronic mail is appropriate, write clear and informative messages, and organize their inboxes to stay on top of their communications.


Sorting your inbox

Most employees check their inbox first thing in the morning (and last thing before the end of the day). A writing skills workshop teaches participants how to prioritize their unread messages as they come in so that they are never overwhelmed. They learn how to identify messages that they can answer right away, messages that require themto reference material to find the answer, and correspondences that require them to make a decision. If you regularly feel as though you spend too much of your time catching up on your inbox, consider an email essentials workshop from communication skills training vendors like Wavelength Training.

Archiving important information

A writing skills course teaches you the value of emptying your inbox. Certain communications can simply be moved into the trash. However, you will have to keep important information filed for future reference. You can archive informative messages in a single folder, separate from your inbox, and quickly search for materials with the right keywords. This is even easier when the entire office practices efficient and responsible emailing. Writers who use informative subject headings make their emails easier to reference in the future. It’s important to keep your inbox clear and up to date so you can focus on those messages that need your immediate attention. You can get professional business email writing tips on

Informative messages

Senders must accept responsibility for organizing the content in their digital correspondence. Readers waste hours of time searching forwarded conversation threads for pertinent information. The onus is on the sender to summarize key information and decisions based on earlier conversations. The Email Writing for Results workshop offered by Wavelength Training focuses on training groups that work together to improve their communication skills. An office that adopts strategies for better online communications wastes less time on messy inboxes.

When is email appropriate and what are the alternatives?

A team equipped with the best practices taught inwriting workshops at Wavelength Training spends less time writing, sorting, and reading digital correspondence. Office writers are responsible for drafting better messages and cutting down on unnecessary email. Depending on the context, they may be better off using alternative communication channels, such as face-to-face discussions, phone calls, or an office Wiki. Colleagues could save time by getting short or single word answers verbally. Employees who communicate effectively know how to pick the channel of communication best suited to their questions. Sign up for writing workshops to improve productivity in your office with effective communication.

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