Careers and Industries Where the Customer Is the Focus


Different careers and industries fit with different personalities. There can be available jobs of a particular type, and specific types of people just don’t fit there very well. It could be an attitude thing, or perhaps a philosophy thing, but especially if you as an individual get to choose your industry, it’s essential that there’s a fundamental match.

If you want the customer to be your focus, consider a career in customer relationship management, food service, luxury treatment for clients, or even something like mobile troubleshooting. These all have different relationships with the customer, but it’s that primary style of interaction that is going to be the focus of your daily work.

Customer Relationship Management 

From an administrative perspective, working in customer relationship management could be your ideal job. Not only do you get to work directly with customers and clients, but you also get to translate that into technical expertise, software design and engineering, and all sorts of other different formats. Without customers, businesses don’t make money. So the relationship between a company and the people purchasing its products has to be as close to perfect as possible. A customer relationship management specialist is going to be the one to glue all of those topics together.

Food and Cooking 

And who better to try to make the customer happy than a chef or a person who knows that foodservice is the key to a delighted client? True, in some situations, a chef isn’t going to know who they’re cooking for, but still, they want that person to be happy. In more individualized cases, a gourmet chef can talk to the table of people that he or she is cooking for, and make decisions based on that interaction. When you go to school to become a chef, you’re going to college to try to make people happy and satisfied.

Luxury Treatment 

And what about the service industry that’s all about giving people injury treatment? If you operate as a massage specialist or even do managers or pedicures, then it’s all about customer and client interaction. If you enjoy that kind of activity, you can make a lot of money by being good at what you do. It does take a certain mentality to be able to navigate other people’s expectations on many occasions though.


And though many people don’t think that way, if you find a career as a troubleshooter, you’re also going to be in an industry where the customer is the focus. Troubleshooting can come from people not knowing how to operate something. Or it could come from someone not knowing if their equipment is broken. Or it might even be that their product was defective and they need to know how to return it. A great troubleshooter can handle all of those situations efficiently.

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