3 Careers That Make The World a Better Place


When we were young, we dreamed of being anything from Superman to God and everything in between. As children, our motivation for wanting to do those things was not money or making our way to the top. We wanted to help people. As we grew and our naivety faded, we learned about the necessity for money and, unfortunately, some of us fell by the wayside of the hunger for power. Those of us fortunate enough to have hung on to our servant’s heart, there is a wonderful opportunity to be a tremendous help to the world. Quite a few of those fields have large shortages and demand great service from a humble human. Below are a few of them.

Registered Nurses 

Nursing has been around since the beginning of time and is a career that will never die. We will always need nurses. Right now, the United States is headed for a shortage of RNs. Now is as good a time as any to enter this field. These men and women are the backbone of the medical profession.

Not only are they the first line of back up to any doctor, they are the ones in the trenches of recovery. Our nurses not only help us to get back to optimal health by waiting on us hand and foot in, they are usually the ones left to comfort families through difficult decisions and loss. Nurses also act as a preventive encouragement by assisting doctors in the office. They help doctor’s offices run smoothly and in a timely order so as to help as many patients as possible.

Pediatric nurses have an even bigger responsibility as they not only do all of the above, they are the superheroes that vanquish germ monsters and distract your child when it’s time for shots. If you have a heart for helping the sick and educating people about how to stay healthy, becoming an RN could definitely be the career for you. 

Armed Forces 

One of the most dreamt about careers, especially by young men, is to join the military. Even some us ladies enjoyed a good game of war in the woods with friends as kids. Granted, live grenades are not made of pinecones and we no longer fight battles with bows and arrows made out of sticks and strings, but the desire to protect the country is as strong as ever.

Our men and women of the armed forces put themselves in danger several times within their lifetime with the sole purpose of protecting our freedom. Do they get paid? Yes, and some would say they get paid well, but that is not the motivation here. How many people do you know that would sign up for a position they could end up not coming home from just for the paycheck?

Not many. From officers in command to infantry, and waste management crews to cooks, and mechanics to teachers, the military is a self-contained community built to keep us safe from the military threats of the world. Do you have a heart for protecting those who cannot protect themselves? The military might be your thing. 

Drug Rehabilitation 

The last option here is that of working in the field of drug rehabilitation. In the United States, alone, over a third of the population has tried a drug of some kind this year. The starting age is getting younger and younger. It is estimated that children who try an illegal substance for the first time do so at about the age of 12.

This epidemic has led us to a country that is struggling with addiction. Right now, for every three addicts, there is only one bed available in a rehabilitation center. Our problem outweighs our solution. If you have a burden to help those who are trapped in the world of drug and/or alcohol addiction, start the process now of becoming a psychiatrist, therapist, clinical supervisor, or a medical doctor.

Addiction is not something you can just climb out of alone. These men, women, and children need help. They need you.

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