A List of Factors You Didn’t Know about which Could Make or Break Your Banner Advertisement

Designing a banner seems to be an easy enough task and endeavour, but once you get down to it, you’ll quickly realise that it’s hardly as easy as it seemed at first. After all, you’re designing something that is comprised of a number of aspects and needs to have the right balance of these aspects – from colour to font to images and other graphics to the actual content and message of your banner, you need to think of it all.

However, it doesn’t end with making sure that your banner has the perfect balance of various elements, either – there are some important factors you have to bear in mind as well, and these factors may end up making or breaking your banner and affecting its overall effectiveness.

Little-known factors to consider when creating your banner

  • Your banner’s placement

One major factor that we often fail to consider from the beginning is the banner’s actual placement. Even before you make or create any design for your banner, you should first think about where it will be placed. This may sound strange, but think about it – your banner’s placement will likely affect your colour choices, theme, and even your banner’s overall design.

Generally, your banner’s colours should contrast well with where it will be placed. If, for instance, you are planning to hang your banner on a white wall, then it might be a good idea to have a dark-coloured background for your banner so it doesn’t get drowned out by the colour surrounding it.

  • Your colour choices

In designing your banner, you should also consider the right colours. That being said, you can never really go wrong with bright and bold colours which are also contrasting. Stick to a bright colour, such as yellow or orange, and your banner is sure to attract attention. And, by using bright and bold colours, you’ll be sure to have your banner noticed, even from some distance away. If you are planning to use a bright and bold colour, such as red, yellow, or orange, it would also be better to choose a white-coloured font so it can contrast really well with the bright background.

  • The larger the font, the better

Most banners are made to attract readers or an audience even from some distance away. Because of this singular purpose (which makes banners different in this respect from flyers and leaflets), you should make sure that the content on your banner can be clearly seen. Your banner’s text should be easy to read – the text should be large enough to be read from a distance, even by someone passing by in a vehicle.

Aside from a large text, the font matters as well. In choosing the font for your banner, opt for one which can also be easily read without any baroque styles and what-not. Stick to a font that is clear and in block form, so anyone can read it quickly and with ease. Fonts in sans-serif are usually recommended, but you can also opt for a serif font (like Times New Roman) if you prefer – just make sure it is large enough.

If you need more advice and a professional outlook (and service) for your banner, you can seek help from banner printing services which have had years of experience and will know exactly what you are looking for.


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