7 Creative careers that you always wanted to experiment with


You may be a student wanting to break away from the herd and carve a niche for yourself in the field you are passionate about. Or you may be a washed out professional wanting freedom to give vent to your creative energies even while earning your livelihood through the same medium. If you fancy having a fulfilling career like the one you have always dreamed of that then the following options maybe of help to you.

A word before we start. Usually such careers cannot guarantee you a paid permanent job and sometimes even not get you the fancy salaries that you might be drawing currently. But that is not always true. You might be drawing exceedingly well, especially if you go for a career like architect or an artist. If you are curious to check out the salaries of what you might draw in your future career, take a look at online sites like salarieshub.com. But as you hone your skills and prove them, you can definitely make it big in your chosen field.

So here are some such jobs that you might be interested in:

  1. Architect: If you love to design buildings and are attracted by the structure of the bygone era then this is for you. For architecture is not just designing new buildings but it is also restoring and conserving the old ones.
  2. Writer: If you can weave wonders with words then this is for you. You can either be an author, an article writer, content writer or a copy writer. You can even work as a proof reader, editor or venture into the publishing world as well.
  3. Designers: Various fields come under this category :
  • Fashion Designer : You can play with your imagination and give the world the best of clothing and other fashion ranges like footwear, accessories and the likes of these.
  • Interior Designer : If you can use area effectively and plan room themes creating varied effects with colours and lighting this is for you. Not just these you even get to pick furniture and art works.
  • Game Designer : This is for those who are obsessed with video games and importantly who have vivid imagination.
  • Graphic Designer : If you love designing online, then you might want to explore this field. Designing logos, beautiful graphics, websites and illustrations are somethings you can do as a graphic designer.
  1. Photography : If you are a lover of the lens, then apply for this role. You could either go freelance or apply at photography agencies. Depending on what you like to shoot, feature, architecture, portraits, food or news, photography can be you calling.
  2. Photo stylist : A photographer clicks pictures but a stylist adds to the beauty of the photos by setting a proper scene and mood. This is soon emerging as an area of specialization, especially in case of food and interior photo shoots. If you have an eye for design and production, this could be for you.
  3. Hair stylist: A stylist is not a person who just chops the hair off but is someone with a knowledge of different hair textures and face shapes. The fashion industry as well as the entertainment industry is where hair stylists are much in demand.
  4. Chef: Everyone is in love with chefs now. Now seems to be the right time to leave your job and embrace the kitchen. Established cooks get paid really well but no one denies this is tough job. But if you have always loved to cook and wanted to experiment with ingredients, aromas, textures of different food items, then you could apply for an internship at one of the top restaurants.

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