4 Licenses and Certifications To Help Improve Your Job Prospects


It’s never a bad idea to have as many job prospects as possible. Nothing is ever entirely for sure, and that includes your current profession. So why not take the time to get licenses and certificates that could help you out if you choose to change careers at some point in the future?

You can do things like get your trucking license or get your CPR and personal safety certifications. Beyond that, you can always get a teaching certificate that is valid wherever you live. And even though you might consider it beyond the scope of what’s needed, it can never hurt to get a degree in some topic from a college of your choosing. All of these licenses and certifications can help open up the possibilities for your future career.

Truck Licenses 

Getting your trucking license opens up a ton of potential jobs for you. There are commercial trucking licenses that allow you to drive Mack trucks and storage trucks across the country and around the world. And then there are smaller trucking licenses like so that you can legally operate a forklift. Some of the jobs that you can get having these licenses are extremely well-paying, and as long as you pay attention to safety regulations, they can be very lucrative and secure regarding your financial future.

CPR and Personal Safety Licenses 

All other things being equal, employers are much more likely to hire people who have received their CPR certifications or who have additional safety licenses under their belt. These can be things like firefighting safety, workplace safety, comprehension of OSHA regulations – the list goes on and on. Sometimes there is a fee and some effort that goes into obtaining these licenses in the first place, but once you have them, you become that much more competitive in the job placement market.

Teaching Certificates 

And communities always need teachers. No matter what your previous job was, if you can figure out how to obtain a teaching certificate, you can either be a substitute or even a full-time teacher in schools around the country or potentially around the world. States do differ in what the requirements are for teaching different groups of children, but with a little bit of research, you should be able to figure out where you would fit in.

College Education Degrees 

Finally, if you want to open up job potential for yourself, consider that getting a degree from a college might be a step in the right direction. Though things have changed from a generation ago, people with associates, bachelors, and masters degrees still get preferential treatment when it comes to a lot of different job opportunities. With online learning available these days, there is nothing holding you back anymore from getting these degrees.

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