4 Business Secrets to Ensure Your Business’ Future

The thing about starting a new business is that there’s a lot of emphasis on beginnings. A promising launch is very important, as is securing that first batch of clients and customers. Yet, the fate of new companies is not decided within the first the six months. It takes years to settle into new corporate values, workplace cultures, purchasing strategies, and budgeting requirements. In short, success means playing the long game.


This can be difficult if you have to invest money that you haven’t made yet to get your start. In fact, this is one of the biggest challenges for startups. How do you minimise the amount of time between having the idea and putting it into action? How do you go from nothing to fully equipped and prepared in the shortest time possible? While the answer is, unsurprisingly, a complex one, there some clever tips and tricks that help to get you on your feet fast.

This handy guide to business success will share some of these secrets and explain why you should be using them.

You Don’t Have to Start with Nothing

This is one of the most important lessons of all for young businesses. There are alternatives to leasing an empty office space and starting out from scratch. If you’ve got a great product or service and it’s ready to be sold, you can skip the fussy logistics of setting up a business and do it right away. With serviced and virtual offices, businesses and entrepreneurs pay to move into or to access fully equipped ‘ready to go’ resources. They include a stable corporate address, a dedicated phone line, fast broadband, IT solutions, conference spaces, and more.

You Can Find a Flexible Contract

Traditionally, it’s been difficult for companies to find leases that last less than twelve months, with most being around 2-5 years. This kind of lock-in contract can stifle a new business because it reduces flexibility and takes away the freedom to respond to market changes. Right now, flexibility is more important than ever, as the Australian economy is still very fragile. Businesses need to be able to upgrade or downsize, in response to the level of support from the market. You don’t want to be stuck in a tiny office, for example, when boom times are allowing rivals to grow and expand.

You Will Become Your Office Address

Just as judgements are made about people according to the size of the houses that they live in, businesses are similarly judged by their corporate addresses. In other words, if it looks great on paper, investors will be more inclined to take a look. It is a superficial attitude, yes, but reputation rules in the corporate world and you definitely want your workspace to reflect the values of your company. This is why startups are strongly advised to move home-based operations into dedicated office spaces as quickly as possible.

You Can Be Connected All the Time

If you decide to operate out one of the many serviced or virtual offices across Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, or Hobart, your business will enjoy 24/7 connectivity. This is a huge asset for contemporary brands, as even brief internet outages or failures can lead to lost customers. By handing over responsibility for IT maintenance to an external provider, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll always be online. Plus, staying in contact with clients and customers becomes much easier when you have a dedicated receptionist handling incoming and outgoing calls.

Why You Should Make Your Success an Inevitability

It is often said that success in business is so tricky to achieve because nobody can really predict how the market will change. There are a thousand different economic scenarios that could damage or boost your fortunes. Yet, what this really means is that lack of flexibility is the real obstacle. Businesses that are agile and able to shift to meet the market – whether this means downsizing or adding new services – are the ones that thrive and survive.

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