Why Health Law Is the Perfect Advanced Degree for These 4 Careers

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Healthcare reform has been on the table for many years now because of the rising costs associated with care and the affordability for those consumers who are uninsured. The Affordable Care Act was supposed to offer affordable insurance coverage, but even those costs are rising beyond what the average consumer can pay. With laws that are constantly in flux, an advanced degree in health law is in great demand and especially well-suited for these four careers.

1. Chief Nursing Officer

Every large hospital has a chief nursing officer who oversees the nursing staff on a daily basis. From routine tasks to providing annual reviews and helping to establish hospital policies, the CNO, who typically has an advanced degree from health law degree programs such as you would find at this university, have an added advantage. Not only will they demand a higher salary but they will be better equipped to keep current with regulations as they evolve.

2. Home Healthcare Company Administrator

With an aging population, home healthcare services are in great demand. Boomers are reaching their senior years and many are in need of assistance in the home several times weekly, if not daily. Home healthcare is a booming business, but as in all aspects of the medical profession, agencies must be in compliance with state and national regulations. A home healthcare company administrator would be well advised to obtain a masters in health law to avoid issues that may, and often do, arise when certain legalities are in question.

3. Hospital Administrator

Then there are hospitals that are always being scrutinized to ensure they are complying with the very same state and national laws that the CNO is concerned with. However, the hospital administrator carries even more responsibility than the CNO, so there is even a greater demand for this person to be knowledgeable on state and national laws. Furthermore, there is a great deal of speculation that Obamacare will be repealed, which will make even greater changes to existing laws. An advanced degree in health law is vital in this position.

4. Paralegal in a Healthcare Law Firm

If you are working as a paralegal in a law firm that deals with healthcare law, getting an advanced degree will go far in helping you advance within your career. By obtaining a health policy masters degree you will almost immediately qualify for a higher rate of pay and tenure within the firm you are working for if you choose to stay on once you’ve earned your degree. Lawyers usually don’t have the time to return to school as laws on healthcare change. Although they may be required to keep their licenses current with continuing legal education, having a paralegal current in healthcare law makes their jobs that much easier.

Whether you are working as a public health official, a hospital administrator or a CNO, an advanced degree can provide benefits for both you and your employer while giving you the competitive edge. Keep current on laws and you will have a high paying job with a future.

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