Which means you fly dream

Which means you fly dream
Science can not reach an agreement on what exactly dreams. Some of these images are shaped by events that happen to us in our daily lives but others are part of a subconscious world that reflects our moods, fears and expectations as well as those that transmit sensations to us certain experiences.

And there is no doubt that one of the most common images is dream that flew, a situation that conveys freedom and joy, but what does it mean? In we explain what it means to dream that fly depending on the context.

Fly dream that may have a large number of interpretations, it is important for you to know which one was your feeling during sleep and what was the environment in which they were flying, both factors may indicate different interpretations.

If you were to fly by in the sky and you felt free and happy can be an image that reflects your freedom and sense of wellbeing. You feel good with your life and you have received or will receive some good news that will make you see how lucky you are.

In her case of those engaged, married or living with a partner, when you fly very high and the desire not to be seen by anyone, to flee or hide, it may mean that we evade our commitments and that we feel overwhelmed by the routine and responsibilities of partner or everyday.

If you dream to fly through a rocky, difficult terrain or a place where you must go dodging obstacles, which will generate nervousness and anxiety, then it means that soon have to face some personal problems or health or conflict, but the fact fly means that at the end you get overcome with success.

If you fall asleep during the flight it may indicate that it will cost more than expected to get ahead.

When we dream we fly over a forest green, lush and beautiful area and we feel comfortable with it means that very soon we will get to reap the fruits of our work and reach that goal we have set. This is a positive omen of good luck and success.

If in the dream you fly to the sun and you feel full and free time means that you manifest dreams perception or feeling you have about your life satisfied with what you have, you are happy and feel like you’re on top. Surely it is an excellent signal to continue forward as you go.

A dream is not so positive when we fly to other planets or galaxies, as this type of image reflects our desire to flee and escape from reality or our unwillingness to face our face to face and solve problems.

If the dream to fly feel difficulty, fear and lack of strength and eventually fall to the ground, this clearly shows that some problems it is important to solve or goals that are drawing you will not achieve success will be presented.

In these cases it is important to establish an action plan that allows you to face your problems and try to overcome them instead of feeling trapped by them.

And when you dream that dream fly but are resistant to the idea of flying and want to stay on earth could reflect that you’re being very rigid, controlling your life and little dreamer. Like to keep your feet on the ground and have everything by hand, perhaps it’s time to relax a little and make room for improvisation in your life.

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