What are journalistic genres

What are journalistic genres
A journalistic genre is the literary form that uses a journalist to write the news that takes place during working hours. The sections of newspapers, for example, consist of different journalistic styles.

Attentive to the following article in which unComo indicates what are the major journalistic genres that are classified in news and opinion genres.

Journalistic genres News

In this section all the newspaper articles that provide information as received are classified. That is, transmitting data and particular facts. They should express the information as objectively as possible.

They are classified under the heading of information:

The report contains an account of information. It should explain what has happened, to whom, how it happened, where, when and why it happened.

The news report is information in which you can make a literary account information. This kind of information that once made headlines but try to delve deeper into the impact that this news has had on society. It is broader than the news.

For its part, the interview is an informative genre that has the question-answer format. Through specific questions about one or more news items, a public figure journalist exposes their experiences or opinions.

Journalistic genres Opinion

The genera of opinion are those used in the press to the particular vision of a journalist or a public figure on a current issue. Any opinion that is exposed must be reasoned. Here it is worth using the first person. Journalistic genres of opinion are the publisher, the letter to the editor, opinion article, column and criticism.

The publisher is an ideological newsletter published by the media. There are usually signs that their content is linked to what you think the middle on a hot topic.

The letter to the editor is a genus of opinion but that does not write the journalist, but the readers themselves who come into contact with the media to express their point of view on an issue.

It has the form of a letter in which the caller is presented and the reasons for sending the letter is exposed.

The opinion piece is an expository or argumentative text on a particular subject. In general, the opinion pieces usually means writing collaborators, people outside the media but have some prestige in society.

The column. It is used for the same purpose as the op-ed and has the same structure. The difference is that it has a specific frequency, for example, you can publish each week.

Finally, the criticism is used to assess an exhibit to the public, it may be a piece of music, a concert or an exhibition. It consists of holder, sheet article criticizing journalist and opinion on it.

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