Uncommon Startup Ideas for the Budding Entrepreneur


Are you a budding entrepreneur who really wants to dive into the business world and create something new and profitable? But are you hoping to do something that is really innovative, unique, and appealing to consumers? Then continue reading for a few uncommon startup ideas that you may want to embrace, especially if you have been doing a lot of research into MBA jobs and career paths for MBA graduates but you feel like you want more.

A Box Subscription Service

Box subscription services are becoming increasingly popular all over the country. Consumers can purchase these boxes filled with everything from beauty products and food, to pet supplies and fashion. Basically, these are goods that are packaged together and delivered right to customers’ doors so that they can get something new every month according to their interests and their preferences. The best way to start this type of business is by thinking of a unique category of products that hasn’t yet been overdone in the niche already.

Become a Green Consultant

More and more companies and consumers today are becoming eco-friendly, so they are looking for ways that they can reduce their impact upon the environment and on their wallet. When it comes to energy for the 21st century, green energy is the way to go, and renewables are becoming increasingly popular and affordable. This means that you can start a business as a green consultant. You will be able to work with a variety of people and businesses, helping them implement eco-friendly practices while reducing their inefficiencies. They will start consuming less energy so they can save money while being socially responsible.

A Mobile Salon

People are living longer, which means there’s a greater need for hair stylists, manicurists, and other beauty pros that are willing to take their services to the homes of seniors who are unable to travel to a salon. Mobile salons have become popular, and this is a job that will get you out of the same environment so you can change the scenery while providing a valuable service to seniors in need. So if you’re a budding entrepreneur who loves fashion and beauty, but you also want to start a business that will help others, this is a great route to take.

Crowdfunding Service

Another uncommon business idea that you can embrace involves offering services that will introduce new projects and new businesses to the crowd of people who will fund those ideas. Crowdfunding is huge today. Many people who need funding but don’t want to take the traditional loan route are finding it easier to ask people online to give them the money they need. In this business model, you’ll help project owners get the funding they need by connecting them with the right people and promoting their idea.

As a budding entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to think of a business idea that’s really uncommon and will allow your brand to immediately offer something new. That, in turn, will help your company stand out, and it will also put you ahead of your competition. So, think about what consumers are missing and what they need, and then fill that need with your products and/or services.

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