Tips for Staying Safe While Travelling Overseas as a Teacher


There are tons of benefits you can get from joining a trip overseas as a teacher. You might have spent several years of your life teaching students – doing the same thing over and over again. Once the opportunity presents itself, don’t let go of it. You might not get it again.

If you decide to register and join such a trip, be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime. Before getting too excited, you have to think about safety. There are things you need to consider so that you will remain safe, especially if the trip involves going to remote areas and doing extreme outdoor adventure activities.


It is really important to know first where you are going. Spend time researching about it first. You need to know if the place is generally safe. You also have to determine how to get there. The place itself might be safe, but you could place yourself at risk on the way there. Check out the neighbourhoods too just so that you can avoid potential health and security issues. There are agencies like you can partner with. They will make sure that the options for travelling are all safe.

Be aware of everything around you.

Caution is important during the entire trip. Don’t try things you are uncertain of. When there are signs that are related to safety that must be followed, you should follow them. Don’t be distracted. Focus on what needs to be done. Be careful with your valuables. You can leave some of them at your hotel so that you won’t have to worry that they will be lost or stolen. Keep a copy of all important documents just in case you need them.

Be confident

If you look vulnerable and fragile, you will become a target for people who have bad intentions. However, if you are confident and it seems like you know the area, they won’t dare target you. Among the signs of being totally new to a place is looking totally disorientated, checking your map all the time, and bringing a lot of bags. Even if you are new to a place, you have to pretend as if you have been there for a while.

Keep contact information with you

In the event of an emergency, you need to know who to talk to. There should be someone in the local area whom you can call if there is a problem. You should have direct links to your family back home. You won’t know what could happen along the way, so it is best to keep this information close to you.

Always travel with others

If you are joining a group trip with other teachers, it will be great. You can go to different places and try new things together. Being in a group makes you safer. You still have to be vigilant though.

Trying out a new experience is great as long as safety remains a priority.



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