The kindergarten. School and children

The kindergarten. School and children
Why is it important for children to go to school? Attending school is a novel and kid friendly event. The nursery, in many families, usually the first major space change in the life of children.

Children go to school not only to learn to read, write and add and subtract. The school is a setting where the child will be formed in various kinds of instruction.

The school should be for everyone

School and children

At school, the child gradually formed his character, his capacity for reflection and judgment, while they expand their knowledge.

In more advanced countries, schooling is compulsory and free and practically equal opportunity for all students. Unfortunately, in many other countries, schools are neither sufficient nor accessible to all children, which directly affects the lack of jobs and opportunities in life.

No doubt, school, public, private or concerted, is the socializing agent within a society. It works as a complement to family education, which is also essential, and without a make up for the other. At school, children acquire academic, cultural, social and behavioral skills. Knowledge which also accompany them through out their lives.

Parents and kindergarten

Parents are the first teachers and to exert greater influence in the lives of children. It is therefore very important for parents to develop and maintain strong links with their children’s schools.

When parents and families are involved in school, children tend to stand out more and their opinions about the school are more positive. So that children can succeed in school, parents and families should actively participate in the learning of children. Follow some tips for parents of school children:

  • Seek to know all staff in contact with your child at school.
  • Talk about what you think is important for your child to their teachers.
  • Keep a fluid and constant communication with your child’s school.
  • Participate in meetings, celebrations, etc., of the school. It is always present.
  • Be aware of progress and school difficulties has your son.
  • Talk with your child about school, seek their views and tastes in school and teachers.

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