How to behave in class

How to behave in class
Behave well in class is key to a good career as a student. With a good attitude in the classroom it is easier to concentrate and work effectively. Many research centers have their own code of conduct that set standards of behavior expected of students.

Each teacher also has its own rules regarding students and SHOULD accept and follow them. In we tell you how to behave in class.

First and foremost is to know the rules of the school or class and follow them. Depending on the year and type of class rules may be different. You should always pay attention to the rules that specifically check your teacher and always respect these guidelines.

If you do not remember all the regulations, it is desirable that the first day of class to take notes about knowing what to or what not to do. And if you have any doubts ask the teacher on duty for there is no confusion.

To perform well in class is key that you listen to your teacher. It will be the person responsible for your education and he should be able to ask for advice or help.

How to behave in class
During classes follow their instructions when ordering any work inside or outside of class and always listen to the explanations of the lessons is made. When you are aware, no need to ask for more explanations or repetitions and it is a sign of respect towards the teacher and the rest of the class.

During the class you should not talk to others unless you have to do computer work. The time to talk with friends is outside the classroom, between classes or during breaks. If you have trouble being motivated, in this article we give you some tips so you know to be motivated to study.

When you get to class ranks assigned if appropriate. In many classrooms there alphabetical seating assignment per semester or other periods. Whatever the case it respects that decision and sit in the place you indicate.

If you are in a study center that gives you the freedom to sit where you like, it is natural to want to sit with your friends but if you can avoid the temptation to do so as not to distract too.

You’ll have time to be with them at recess or between classes.

Apart from the issue of the seat you should get each day on time to class, because it is polite.

When you’re in class you should keep silent to listen and show respect for all your classmates and teacher. If you want to contribute something to the class asks permission to speak or raise your hand. Wait your turn you get to make your comment or question always listen to your colleagues when speaking aloud.

Sometimes worth waiting to ask your question advantage that other students have the same question as you. Never make loud questions that have to do with you just for that can wait until the end of the class or tutoring. Similarly, it is important that values the knowledge they offer, therefore, have to prepare thoroughly tests in unComo’s how to study for Exame.

If the teacher in class gives you time to do some work, take advantage of that time. Do not you put distracted by talking or personal things if that is the time to do an exercise must.

If you have questions ask you to stay but not staring into space. Nor do you put the duties of another kind, unless they have given you time or permission.

Concentration is very important and must strive to do what they ask you when you ask. If you have problems with attention talk to your teacher and tell him you want to improve in this area. Sure it will help with some guidelines, will be more aware of your case and support to really focus. If you try to find solutions, teachers see it as something positive and you will change your vision.

One way to enhance the concentration is to use your imagination and focus on issues that you like more and thus get improve your attitude and hence your behavior. If you have difficulty focusing in class looking for a way to make the most tedious tasks are entertaining. If you think that jobs are fun, maybe they end up that way. It’s all about attitude.

In addition class you should always take notes or notes for class home stay focused and thus better assimilate the contents. If you take notes of what is relevant, when reviewing and studying everything will be easier.

The notes are outlines or summaries with the most essential, you should not spend class writing because then you not hear at all.

To behave well in class you should be well prepared every day. If you have all you need to lose time and you lose track easily. There is nothing more affecting the image of a student to a disordered attitude, forget the material, books or any other object necessary to follow the classes.

It is recommended that every day before going to class or when you finish the duties of the day before, you review all you have to take for the next day. Look in your backpack have books, notebooks, case, laptop, homework, and a folder to archive all the study material.

In the classroom it is important that you participate, you contribute in group discussions. Even if you are a shy and insecure person if you know the answer or have questions, do not be afraid to share them with people. Do not spend the day sitting quietly and letting time pass without interact with peers and with class. It will be a good way to improve your behavior in class.

And finally, we recommend that you try to improve your notes on your own. Making the decision to improve and be an important for you to enjoy the classes and the objectives in mind to fulfill step.

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