How Machine Learning Will Impact Search Marketing and Digital Marketing


Machine learning is data analysis that will automate any analytical model building.  Basically, what that means is that this type of analysis can learn from data that is searched to identify patterns. The goal is to utilize machine learning, so that humans can receive this information faster without needing to spend hours, days, and weeks pouring over reports and finding those patterns on their own.

This is an excellent advancement in technology, because it will allow everyone to utilize their time more efficiently, while also allowing them to grow their business or find the answer that they are seeking for anything that they are working on.  The best part is that people will also find that their risk level is much lower, because they will be alerted to any risk factors much sooner than ever before.

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence, or AI, and it was designed to avoid certain aspects of thinking that most humans have.  While there is nothing wrong with people performing data analysis, there are times when their thought process clouds their judgment.  That in turn will skew the results.

No one knows exactly where machine learning will lead, but the initial results are quite positive.  And the good news is that if everything goes well with machine learning, the world of AI is going to explode and be better than anyone ever anticipated!

How Machine Learning Will Affect Marketing

Marketers will benefit greatly from machine learning, but they will notice a few changes with each type of marketing that they do.  Here are the four that stand out the most:

  1. SEO

As machine learning expands even more, people will find that content quality will be more important than the number of SEO keywords in each written piece.  This means that those who write will need to up their game, because stuffing a post or article with keywords will no longer get them great rankings.

  1. Pay per Click Campaigns

Pay per click campaigns were always difficult to determine if they were worthwhile, but with machine learning, everyone will find that they can find a campaign that will work well.  To do this, everyone will need to determine their metrics and obstacles, as well as know their performance drivers, so that they can make the best strategic decisions.

  1. Content Marketing

While quality content is going to be necessary for rankings, a person will also need to track the data that machine learning gives them so that they can create tasks that will set them up for success.  These tasks may include determining what their readers want to read about or deciding to stop writing about certain things, because there is too much info already available.

  1. Link Building

Link building has been tricky in past years, but it is currently evolving to the point where people can carefully choose their links.  Machine learning can help anyone determine which brands, social areas, or content is worth linking back to, which will in turn help boost the results in search engines.

When a person utilizes machine learning, they will find themselves capable of using unlimited data for analysis.  This will help with creating the best customer segmentation and the value of lifetime customers.

Some people may be hesitant to embrace machine learning, as they may think that it is another fad that won’t stick around too long.  However, this feature is only going to grow and expand in the future, which means that everyone will most likely be using it in some form at some point in time.

Tips for Embracing Machine Learning

Since a person has no choice but to embrace this new technology, there are a few things that everyone can do to capitalize on the changes that are occurring.

  • Create a Responsive Website

Responsive websites will always have fast loading times, while also supporting many different types of media and being mobile friendly.  Everyone will want to make sure that their websites stay responsive, as it will assist in boosting traffic when their rankings improve.

  • Optimize for All Local Searches

Yes, everyone wants their website to show up everywhere, but the best way to get higher rankings is to make sure that it ranks well locally.  This is easy to do, as the name, address, website URL, and other important details simply need to be placed on numerous platforms like Yelp and Google my Business.

  • Optimize for Conversational Search Terms

Not everyone uses the same terms when they are searching for something on the internet, and it is now more common for people to use conversational search terms when they are.  Everyone should include conversational terms that answer specific questions when they are creating their content, as it will increase their rankings tremendously.

Technology is allowing for many changes in this world and it looks like the marketing industry is going to see the biggest changes with machine learning for now.  This will obviously change as machine learning advances even more, but for now, those who use marketing strategies will need to embrace machine learning and the plethora of information that they will now be receiving.

Author: Andrii Gorh – SEO enthusiast with 10+ years of experience. He specializes in keyword research, rank tracking and tech SEO tricks. Check out his SEO blog: Online Hikes and travel writings at Museuly.

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