Why is it important reading in children

Why is it important reading in children
The reading is a very beneficial activity that enriches our vocabulary and knowledge. However, encourage it in children is a difficult task, as they are not used to it.

Therefore, from we answer the question: why is it important reading in children? so you know why it is beneficial for them to develop their mental abilities and become accustomed to the study.

Promoting parent-child relationship

The learning of reading is done at school and at home is encouraged. In fact, parents are responsible for transmitting to your children the secrets it holds the universe of reading.

Also, spend some time every day to this activity together will be beneficial for you, because it is extremely rewarding moments, increasing affection.

The child accustomed to text

The child is accustomed to reading book, ebook or tablet as a stand devoted to reading. Similarly, reading to your child helps you associate the word with a specific meaning, which moves him to ask questions and hacertelas you.

Thus, you get to draw your child read it, something you appreciate when spending grows and course in college, as it will help to study independently. Discover more tips in the article How to promote childhood reading.

Increase your child’s world

The reading, either through written or through images that illustrate them, fosters knowledge that your child has the world. Thus, not only acquire information about where you live, but know himself and help you master your real environment.

Power mental capacity

The reading in children is very important to improve your mental skills. First, his memory, as it will be able to repeat the stories you have read alone. Similarly, reading enhances their language, for expanding its vocabulary.

In parallel, read enhance the capacity of abstraction of your child. This is because children establish relationships with the objects they see in real life and the representation that offers books, moving to a higher level of abstraction.

Similarly, the imagination of your child will also be increased through reading, because from the images and texts that reproduce the books your child make his own mental representation.

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