What is the difference between sustainable and sustainable

What is the difference between sustainable and sustainable
Surely ever you have heard of sustainable development and of sustainable development. Both words are similar, but are they the same? Sometimes it is not so simple to detect if two terms are synonymous, so in unComo.com we explain what is the difference between sustainable and sustainable and how to apply the concept of development.


The word sustainable means something that can be sustained or sustain itself and own reasons. For his part to talk about sustainable, we mean something that can stand on its own thanks to the economic, social or environmental conditions permit, it can be sustained without affecting resources.

Applied to the field of economics, ecology and development and social responsibility, sustainable development and sustainable development they are synonymous, and both terms are used indifferently, although some agencies prefer to use sustainable and other sustainable.

When talking about sustainable development or sustainable development, we mean a process that can be maintained without affecting current or future generation, trying that it be maintained over time without affecting existing resources.

With this type of development seek to meet current needs, but always bearing in mind that future generations to meet their own needs

A good example of a system of sustainable development or sustainable is one in which the trees of a forest is cut to meet the needs of wood and paper of the population, but then the same forest repopulation that the activity can be maintained at over time and future generations can benefit from it.

Another example, applied to the fashion industry, would be the development of clothing created with natural fibers such as cotton or wool, renewable resources that help to maintain a necessity.

Whenever you hesitate between whether a system or proposal is sustainable or sustainable, think that for what it actually must meet certain conditions, especially related to the field of ecology.

These conditions are:

Renewable resources should not be used to greater than its generation rate. Example: You can not cut down all the forests of the world because the same can not be regenerated speed logging.

The contaminants can not be produced at a higher rate than the process required to recycle, neutralize or to biodegrade.

Non-renewable resources should not exploit faster then be replaced by sustainable renewable resources. This means that we must learn to take advantage sparingly nonrenewable resources and renewable care.

Examples of resources towards sustainable development are renewable energies, which help produce the energy source without compromising the environment or in our generation or future generations.

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