What Can You Do with a Health Sciences Degree?


While the job market has certainly shown improvement over the past year or so in the United States, finding a job that you not only enjoy, but that also pays well, is something that is on many peoples’ minds, including college and university students. The last thing you want to do as a student is pick a degree program or path that doesn’t lead you to a job in the end, which is why it’s worth taking your time and thinking through your options.

One of the more popular degree programs of late is that of a health sciences degree. There seems to be plenty of buzz surrounding this path, and for good reason. Here’s a look at what you can do with a health sciences degree once you graduate.

What is the Job Forecast?

The first thing you will want to look into is just how marketable your skills and knowledge will be in the job force; in other words, are there jobs out there?Well, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the outlook isn’t just good, it’s incredibly promising. In fact, the department predicts that between now and the year 2024,a quarter of all new jobs will be within the field of healthcare. Those are some rather promising numbers.

Even if you are already in the workforce and you’re looking to make a career change, it’s these kinds of numbers that can make you stop and pay attention.

The Program Offers Students Flexibility

Another thing worth noting is the fact there is real flexibility in this program, thanks to schools like Excelsior that offer an online health science associate degree. What this means is that you can be located anywhere in the country and not have to worry about moving for school, you can work the classes around your schedule, and you can even have a job at the same time so you can still be bringing in an income.

The program is open to students who are new to the health care industry, as well as those who already work in it and are looking to broaden their knowledge and skills so they can advance in their career.

Some of the Most Popular Career Paths

Part of what makes the health sciences degree so attractive to potential students is the fact it can lead to such a variety of jobs. It’s impossible to list them all, so instead here’s a look at some of the most common options.

Depending on how far you take your degree, it can lead to such positions as a medical laboratory technician, physical therapist, diagnostic medical technologist, pharmacist, sonographer, dental hygienist, radiographer, or a respiratory care therapist.

Add to Your Military Health Care Training

It should also be noted that it can offer you a way to add to the healthcare training you may have received in the military. A flexible online program can work with your existing schedule and help you to build upon your skills and secure that dream job.

A Broad Variety of Options

A health sciences degree is ideal for that person who knows they want to work in the healthcare industry but isn’t yet sure of the exact path they want to take. It is a degree that can lead to all kinds of different career paths and may prove to be quite lucrative.

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