What a Serviced Office Can Provide Your Company

Swindon has become an ideal location for moving your company to a serviced office complex that offers a convenient location for your company and its employees and stakeholders. Do you need an office that is already set up and ready to go? Are you seeking a serviced office complex that can enhance your business operations as well as your brand? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using a serviced office located in Swindon for all of your corporate needs.

Comfortable Workspace

One of the first benefits of a serviced office Swindon offers is a comfortable and convenient workspace. With a serviced office you won’t have major capital outlays for furniture and office items your employees need. You’ll find ergonomically correct office chairs, spacious desks, and lighting that enhances the work environment. Staff members will have plenty of storage space, file cabinets for holding important documentation, and tables where meetings can be held with plenty of space to display documents and charts. When employees are comfortable they are more productive with the tasks they are assigned.

Telephone and Internet Services

Instead of having to wait for the installation of both telephone and Internet service at a private business location, these services will be ready for you to use upon occupancy. Be sure to ask about your service and how much time your staff can use for the rental fee you are paying. If you do business internationally, you will want to learn the procedures in place for conducting long distance calls. If certain features or services are an integral part of your business operations, make sure the serviced office you are considering meets your business needs.

Meeting Areas

If you hold meetings regularly with vendors and stakeholders or if you have training sessions with your staff from time to time, a serviced office can provide you with conference and meeting rooms for such purposes. Ask what the charge for using these areas is and the process to follow to reserve a room. Serviced offices also provide you with excellent equipment that is routinely serviced and maintained so that it will work efficiently for your needs.

Business Operations

Serviced office complexes have receptionists who can greet your clients and direct them to your office area. There are also answering services available for you to use so that you never miss a call. Printing services are handled conveniently so that your staff is free to work on more productive endeavours for the company. Security is provided so that you, your staff, and your documents are always safe and secure. Providing a safe work environment will be paramount to the success of your company.

After Hours Services

If you have training sessions after hours, it’s always nice to serve food for the attendees. Many serviced office complexes work with catering services that can handle such events efficiently. Attending to all of the needs of your dedicated staff will keep them happy and working diligently for your company.


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