The Top 5 Least Stressful Healthcare Careers


If you are currently enrolled in a masters in health care informatics program, then you are probably discovering the many careers available to you. When you think of a career in the healthcare field it’s normal to expect a career that includes long hours and plenty of stress. While this is true for many positons, there are those that are low in stress yet still provide you with the challenge and fulfilment you are after.

We’ve put together the top five least stressful healthcare careers that exist today, giving you even more options to consider as you work through your healthcare informatics masters degree.


Not only is this job pretty much stress-free but it’s also a growing field. While you may not make as much as a surgeon, you can open your own practice and set your hours. Your main job will be to help ease pain in your patients and provide them with exercises and techniques they can use at home. Chiropractic offices tend to be relaxing, pleasant, and even soothing environments, which is always a great place to be.


In this field, you won’t be working with patients directly, instead you will work with other physicians. You won’t likely have to worry about long and overnight hours, and in this field there are all kinds of different jobs. The role of a pathologist is to study various diseases so that a cure or treatment can be found. If you enjoy being challenged, this is a great career.


For many people this career is the perfect balance of working with customers to a certain degree, yet not having to take home the stress of the job. Your role is to fill prescriptions, give medical advice, and answer questions that patients may have regarding different medications. Because pharmacies are located all over the place, you can really pick and choose where you want to work.

Dental Hygienist

Again this is a career that has very little stress attached to it. A dental practice is usually bright and cheerful, and you will be able to chat with patients to help them relax. You won’t have to worry about being on your feet all day either since you are sitting the majority of the time. This can prove to be a rewarding and fun job.


Here’s a career path that often gets overlooked yet it is full of wonderful opportunities. While this job is low in stress it rates very high in self-fulfilment. You will be able to help others take control of their life and health by educating them on healthy food choices. Typically, you will be responsible for creating customized meal plans that work with the patient’s needs and medical history.

The Healthcare Field Can be Stress-Free

It’s hard to believe you can work in the medical field yet not feel stress and pressure, but with so many different career options it’s more than possible. As you work towards earning your degree, be sure to explore all the options available to you so you can pick the very best path.

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