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Winter is upon us, and so is the season for heavy warm jackets, wool hats, fleece lined gloves, and massive fuzzy scarfs so we don’t freeze every time we walk outside. But it is also the season of fun, outdoor activities that make the cold air feel refreshing and the snow on the ground exhilarating.

One of the most common and accessible winter activities is ice skating! Head out to your local rink or pond and skate around; if you have the right supplies, you can even set up a hockey game. Keep yourself warm by dressing in layers – a sweat wicking undershirt, sweater, heavy jacket, hat and gloves; the layers will also act as a cushion to prevent serious bruising if you fall. Most local rinks will have kiosks to rent skates so you won’t have to worry about purchasing your own.

Explore the white capped mountains during a ski or snowboarding vacation. Stock up on all of your accessories at the Sierra Trading Post, where you can purchase skis, ski boots, bindings, poles, and accessories such as glide wax, tuning kits, and ski skins to name a few. For the snowboarder in the group, you can buy snowboards, boots, bindings, and gloves as well. Ensure your complete safety by wearing goggles and helmets when skiing or snowboarding.

If downhill activities are less your speed, consider cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, which are both an excellent way to explore your surroundings. As always, make sure you dress warmly and are well supplied with the proper equipment. Much like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing also requires poles – save 20% by purchasing a snowshoe and pole kit from Sierra Trading Post!

Even though the cold weather may make us yearn for the summertime, there are still plenty of exciting winter sports to partake in while the chilly temperatures surround us, so stock up on your winter gear supplies and enjoy!

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