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In recent years, schools and communities have been the driving forces behind growth. The economy is improving faster than ever thanks to new professionals and communities pushing everyone forward. This means community leaders and school counselors have more impact on the growth of the nation as a whole than ever. In fact, recent studies complied by Wake Forest University revealed that we need more great community leaders than ever.

There are several key skills to have in order for one to be a great community leader. For starters, leaders must have the ability to think creatively and be empathetic to others. Of course, motivation and self-awareness are also needed for community leaders to make changes, shape the communities they are leading and coach others to be effective community leaders themselves.

Fortunately, these qualities are traits that can be mastered through practice and programs such as counseling courses online. To find out more, read the complete 10 Qualities of Great Community Leaders infographic.

This infographic was created by Wake Forest University.

Wake Forest Online Counseling Program

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