Learning to be patient

Learning to be patient
Patience is one of the great virtues that you can have in life, it helps us to live in calm and focused on the present, without despairing anxiety than you can or want to pass.

It is not easy to develop patience, but if you grow daily you will notice that each passing day you live with less haste and more promptly and feel that problems or anxiety have less power over your body. If you want to know how to learn to be patient, read and put the tips we offer in this article unComo in practice.

To learn patience you have to work acceptance. When we accept that sometimes things do not happen as or when we learn that life is a cycle and we should not anticipate events.

Accept that everything has its course, their time and their rationale will allow you to not only better understand the things that happen in life, but remain calm and not to despair in waiting for news, a result of a kilo less or a phone call. Waiting accept as part of life.

Learning to be patient
A very important to learn to be patient advice it is to try, if possible, to stay in the present. Many people want to do a thousand things at once and finish 10 tasks simultaneously, others spend all day thinking “what if …”, and in both cases only achieved because increasing despair desperate impatience.

Then do an exercise: every day see if you’re living in the present or the future and correcting your behavior and educates your thoughts in the here and now.

In unComo we give you the keys so you know how to be more patient.

To learn patience you need to control the impatience. As? The key is in your breath. As desperate impatience ideally promote calm in the body through rational thought, internalizing that there is nothing else you can do to speed the process and by the time the ideal is calm.

Then inhale through the nose and exhale slowly, very slowly, by mouth for at least 15 minutes, you will see that the patient comes to you. In this sense, a good tactic is to learn to meditate and in this article we tell you how to meditate.

Search the positive side of things is also a great help to learn to be patient, because it will allow in distress or despair assess the positive choices that this particular situation can bring to your life. If impatience is timely and just need to control briefly, then busy to keep your mind can focus on other things and distracted.

Wait, that’s the key to learning to be patient. And it is not only expected to pass the time, but expect the right of the circumstances and persons. Do not wait to be loved if your rational mind tells you you’re not ready for a relationship, do not wait to be valued if you have not worked on your self, do not wait to get a job if you have not sent a CV. Walk with your feet on the ground will help you be more patient. Wait what you know you should expect no more.

If your impatience overflows due to the behavior of a person, then you can learn to control breathing and, once you pass: analyzing! Why are you impatient that person, you know that acts that way, you understand why you have this control over you, you’re being unfair or exaggerated. Do not forget to put in the shoes of others to understand and accept them better.

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